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Alice Wonderland QuotesAlice Wonderland Quotes . Let’s face it: “Alice in Wonderland” is not a book for children. We perceive it all, more or less consciously. It’s a mocking story, full of unexpected plots that reveal a sad and magical thing. Time passes and we grow, we evolve, without even comprehending entirely when that happens.

None of us can imagine how his way of thinking, talking, dreaming, one day will change, so as to disappear, to remain alone an elusive trace. Think of Peter Pan. A story about childhood that does not want to end. Disturbing precisely because it is overly childish, focused on a Dionysian , lost in a whirlwind of adventures, Indians and pirates.

Alice Is Exactly The Opposite

She speaks to us, children of the past, asking us to overcome the despair of thinking as children. Alice asks us to grasp the magic of travel and transformation, to accept it for what it is. For this reason, re-read by adults, this book offers us a profound interpretation, to be internalized and re-shared, in their wealth, even with children.

Alice observes the world from a new point of view where everything is reversed. A mirror world where logic is the analogy and rigor is the paradox. Where the high is the bass, the small is the great. The mirror world in which Alice finds herself welcomes, transforms and returns. Just as the apprentice in her silent path becomes the gatherer of images, bringing them to a continuous reflection that becomes welcoming.

Alice is catapulted into a parallel world based on the reversal of perspective where interchangeable concepts hover: right and wrong, good and evil, black and white as the color of the temple floor. Real life mixes with the unseen, representing the gateway to the tree of life. Alice Wonderland Quotes Book Read more

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