Anabolic diet – anabolic diet meal plan

anabolic diet - anabolic diet meal planThe anabolic diet is a alternative method to Increase muscles, to Traditional diets.  That are based, mostly, on reducing the amount of food to be taken on a daily basis. The anbolic diet is based on the principle that the greater intake of some foods compared to others, are able to give an order to the metabolism , making sure that the food is burned by the body and do not turn into fat deposits.

The food that we eat, in fact, contains nutrients that are broken down and burned by means of chemical reactions that together determine the “metabolism” of an individual. As a result of these processes, the energy that is needed for the cells to live and keep healthy is produced. However, if the organism , for different reasons , can not burn the nutrients, these remain unused becoming fat reserves, and thus causing Overweight.

To adjust your metabolism, according to the Anabolic diet, you will not have to reduce the quantity of food but make sure that the body is able to correctly burn the nutrients contained in the food itself. The nature of the anabolic diet, causes carbohydrate intake to be calibrated on the reaction of the body following a evaluation phase, that verifies the actual predisposition of the organism to the quantities proposed by the diet (which may increase in cases of weakness).

Anabolic meal plan

In the rigid phase , you will have to undergo a diet that is rich in fats (50-60%) and proteins (30-40%) with no more than 30 grams of carbohydrates per day (corresponding to 5-10% ), for a period of 12 days, from Monday to Friday the next week, after which you can take carbohydrates for two days of the weekend (reducing the intake of fats and proteins) and then resume the diet in five midweek days.

The massive intake, in a limited period, of carbohydrates (the so-called “recharge” phase) will ensure that, according to the anabolic diet, the muscles are filled with glycogen and begin to tone up. In the first days of returning to the low carbohydrate diet, then, the body will burn excess glycogen along with fatty acids.

A moderate phase of settling elevates the amount of food carbohydrates to 20-25%, which can then be reduced according to the organism’s reaction to the point of identifying the optimal needs. Low of carbohydrate and high in fat, the diet allows you to lose weight in the Abdomen before any other point in the body, both in Women and Men. In women, in particular, it also acts on the Cellulitis of the thighs and the lower back, dissolving it  quickly, promoting slimming , firming as well as muscle tone Read more

anabolic diet - anabolic diet meal plan