Baby sleep solution gets any baby to sleep

baby sleep songWhen a child cries (often for inscrutable reasons), new parents should try to learn as much as possible, and quickly, from authoritative sources (like this one). Advice in the air, even if conferred with the best intentions, can effectively exert a negative influence on the behavior of parents and consequently on the development of children. Precisely on the theme of sleep, for many expert, the outlandish suggestions and, above all without any scientific basis, are not counted. Newborns do not have sleep problems, but their parents yes. The little ones sleep when they are tired and wake up as soon as they feel ready. In other words, it is’ normal ‘and physiological that in the first few months of life, a newborn sleeps when it is tired, quite unpredictably for the adult.

Sleep-wake alternation for newborns depends on their hunger

In this phase, the sleep-wake alternation depends mainly on the ‘belly’: the baby wakes up when he is hungry and sleeps if he is full. In addition, the child has a tiny stomach and digests quickly because he has only a liquid diet, so he needs to eat very often. The interval between one meal and the other, in general, varies between 2 and 4 hours, so the baby’s nocturnal awakenings are physiological (it is not possible that she sleeps all night). However, sometimes, the child sleeps 4-5 hours in a row. Another fundamental concept, which parents need to make clear in mind, that “for a newborn a 5-hour sleep interval is considered a ‘whole night’.

Accustom the baby to NOT always fall a sleep while taking the milk …

It is absolutely natural for a newborn to fall asleep while taking breast or bottle milk (or with a pacifier for those who use it). If this is always the case, with time he will associate the act of sucking with that of sleeping and it will be very difficult for him to fall asleep differently. To avoid that when it is older, the baby falls asleep only during the feedings, it is important to let him suck until he is about to fall asleep but he is not yet completely asleep. Sometimes you can try to make him sleep without anything in his mouth. If the child protests, it is very good to give him back breast or bottle and then remove him again after a few minutes. It is necessary to repeat this sequence quite often. Thus, he will learn to fall asleep, sometimes, even without sucking.

Recognize the signs of hunger from the ‘sleep noises’ of the newborn

During the night, almost all the babies wake up alone when they are hungry (usually long before 3-4 hours in a row , sometime it is necessary to interrupt their sleep to feed them). It is essential to learn to recognize the signals of the newborn, listening to it and observing it carefully. In fact, every child makes a lot of noise during sleep (grunts, whining and even screaming) but does not always mean that he woke up. In this case, with the ‘noises of sleep’, it is better not to intervene and wait Read more