Baseball swing formula consistently barrel the ball

baseball swing formulaAn famous US sport, baseball is much loved overseas, it is becoming more and more common. Learn to play! This is a team sport played by two teams consisting of nine players on a special field that includes nine innings, ie nine shots. Each inning is in turn divided into two phases, called top, “upper part”, and bottom, “lower part”, when teams alternate between attack and defense. To increase their score, players on a team’s attack must hit the ball thrown by the other team’s pitcher with the club and, if the ball falls into a valid area, run towards the starting point.

Understand the concept of the game

If the rider is touched with the ball by a member of the defensive team before completing the race, he is eliminated. After three eliminations, we move to a new inning and the teams exchange places. College matches and professional matches are subdivided into nine innings, while at lower levels, six or seven innings. The entire defensive team is always on the pitch. The attacking players try to hit the ball one at a time, so in the field there is only one attacker at the beginning. As the game progresses, up to four players can attack in the field, but always beats only one person. The other three players wait in the safe spots to complete their runs and score points. There are three safe points for runners, each positioned in every corner of the running area, and they are called bases. The bases must be reached in order to score points. A runner may also decide to stop at a base and wait until the next play before continuing to run to the next base.

Become familiar with the infield

The baseball field (also called “diamond”) consists of two main parts: the infield and the outfield. The first is the center of the action and has four vertices, the bases, placed at the same distance from each other, forming, in fact, a diamond. The inside of the diamond is grassy, ​​while the paths from one base to the other are muddy. In the middle of the diamond, the launching mountain is located, a circular bump. The beater it is at home base, or flat, and waits for the ball to be thrown from the launching pad to try to hit it with the bat. On both sides of the basic house, there is a rectangle called the beater’s box, which establishes where the beater must be placed. Another box located behind the base house determines how far the catcher can reach to catch the ball if the beater should miss it . While the other bases have four sides and are typically made of canvas, the base house is characterized by five sides and is made of rubber, in order to distinguish itself from the others. Usually a high enclosure surrounds the base house so that the balls do not hit the public Read more