Buttocks exercises build a bigger rounder stronger booty

Bigger buttocks exercisesHaving a tonic, high and firm Booty, is the dream of many women, as well as many men. If between squats, skip and lifts you do not know where to start, no problem. The best do-it-yourself exercises and how to perform them best to transform that drooping backside that you hate in a real marble butt, we suggest them to you. Learn more about the most effective exercises to give your buttocks a perfect shape. By composing this mini-circuit and explaining how to do the exercises, we have done everything possible. Execute them at least three times a week.

Exercises on the cube

Just a step or a hard cube and a lot of breath to do this exercise, also excellent to start the training session .In addition to being training, it is also useful as heating for the joints. The exercise consists of climbing on the cube first with one foot and then with the other. Then descend, always with alternate legs and, once on the ground, repeat the movement with the opposite leg. Perform at least three series, almost no-stop, with a recovery of only 10 seconds between one series and another. And for each series make at least 30 repetitions (15 per leg). For the most trained, the challenge consists in performing the same exercise by jumping on the cube on even feet, then descending and jumping without stopping. For this variant, we recommend first to warm the legs with some simple movement (so as not to compromise the knees). If at first you seem to have no balance, everything is normal. Step by step, repeating it, stability and control will improve (together with the shape of your buttocks!).

Slimming and firming

Exercises for defined but “elastic” buttocks.In this case the equipment is very basic. The exercise can be done without tools, but if you want to increase the intensity you can wear a light anklet or use a rubber band Read more