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Resume guideHas the moment arrived for you to find a job? You are struggling with the writing of CV, but are you afraid of not being able to? Are you looking for advice on writing a perfect and excellent curriculum to present at a job interview? Not sure where to start and need useful tips to create a resume? Well, because I’m glad to inform you that you’re in the right place. We talked a lot about how to face the world of work and, specifically, how to create a perfect Curriculum Vitae. Read the basic tips for an excellent Curriculum:

Prepare it carefully!

Writing a good CV is a demanding task that takes time: looking for a job is already a job in itself! Writing a Curriculum is tiring! How to work, after all.

Uses a standard graphic

To avoid: compiling “Cv” by hand, simply opening an empty text file and writing a list of titles and descriptions that are not indexed and badly paginated.

Be clear and synthetic

To avoid: monologues in which you dwell on how you are, because you are as you are: the CV is not an autobiography of 100 pages !

Attach a card photo

Attach a card photo to avoid: beach photos, vamp photos, selfies, photos that are not considered “professional”.

Use bullet points to facilitate reading

To avoid: non-bulleted lists, lists longer than five points. Change the CV slightly according to the company you are sending it to.
To avoid: manipulation of the personality. Never move too far from who you are. Avoids punctuation errors, typing, spelling, layout. The CV is a presentation and every element that composes it gives information about who you are. To avoid:  * “I went to a School Camp”, * “assigned you have better”, * “in projects you have what you have attended” Resume guide online learn Read more