Can dog eat mango | Properties & benefits for dogs

can dog eat mangoCan dog eat mango? Let’s be clear. Mango is considered one of the most delicious fruits. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in pieces, in jelly, in jam or in juice, it’s a succulent fruit. Would you like to share this delight with your dog? Then keep reading. Some fruits are very recommended for dogs, thanks to the nutrients they contain and that give variety to their diet. Learn about the benefits of mango for your dog. It is likely that you will consider that feed is the best food for your dog. It’s true that it gives your dog all the nutrients he needs.

However, your dog’s diet needs to be varied from time to time, and always in a controlled manner, providing him with foods that he will enjoy and that will provide him many nutritional benefits. One example is the fruit and vegetables recommended for dogs. These foods offer vitamins, minerals, fiber and are a great option to offer your dog as a healthy and tasty snack. It is not necessary for a dog to eat large amounts of fruit, a few pieces a couple of times a week is more than enough, since the fruit is also very rich in sugar. A good method is to offer them fruit as a reward from time to time.

Can dog eat mango?

The answer is “YES” Dogs can eat mango. This does not mean that you need to give them this fruit every day. You can give it  from time to time, occasionally as a reward. You can give mango to dogs, but never when it is green, that is, still unripe. The green mango in fact is rather acidic, bitter and the flesh is not juicy, but hard and compact. So, given its characteristics, unripe mango is not appreciated by dogs, and can cause them stomachaches and even diarrhea. Avoid it.

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Mango benefits

Now that we know that dogs can eat mango, it is good to know what the health benefits of this fruit are, its nutritional values and how the dog’s body will benefit from it.

Properties and benefits of mango for dogs:

Provides fiber: fiber is very important to regulate the digestive system, the mango is recommended if he suffers a bit of constipation.
Contains antioxidants: antioxidants fight free radicals and protect your dog from disease.
It is rich in vitamin C: this vitamin strengthens the immune system, so your dog will be more resistant to viruses and bacteria.
Provides folic acid: folic acid contributes to the formation of red blood cells.
Contains vitamin A: this vitamin benefits bones, eyes and the immune system.
Contains water: it is always important that the dog is well hydrated, especially in summer.

can dog eat mango

How can dog eat mango

As mentioned dogs can eat mango, but what is the best way. Giving your dog mango is simple. First, avoid, as mentioned, the green mango. Take a mature mango, peel it and remove the seeds. Then cut into pieces and give it to the dog. Mango cubes are a good reward for your dog. Put it in the fridge for a few hours and offer it after a walk or on hot days, it will help him to cool down. Ideal portion is two or three cubes for small dogs, 4 for an average dog and 5-6 for a large dog.

Mango it brings many benefits, but is a very sugary fruit, so do not exaggerate, offer it to your dog maximum once or twice a week. The skin of mango it is not advisable for dogs to eat , it is hard, bitter and difficult to digest. Avoid giving your dog the core of the mango. It is very large, if your dog swallows it he risks suffocation. So don’t let your dog bite the mango without your supervision.

What to do if the dog eats the bone?

Some dogs can be undisciplined and if you have a mango tree in the garden your dog can eat the whole fruit, including the core. What to do in these cases? The essential thing is to consult a veterinarian immediately, even if the mango bone has been swallowed by the dog without apparent problems, as there is a possibility that it will block in the intestine. If the gut of your dog gets stuck , he may suffer from vomiting, diarrhoea, lack of appetite and changes in behaviour in the next few days. If you fear that your dog has swallowed a mango bone, take it immediately to your vet.

Can dogs eat dried mango?

Dried fruit is essentially just a piece of fruit without water. So your dog can eat a dried mango? The answer is “YES”,  but need to consider a few things. If you buy dried fruit , probably the sugar will be added to it. Sugar in large quantities, is not healthy for your dog, and you may see some problems such as: diabetes, obesity and even dental caries. Anyway, the ideal portion is always two or three cubes for small dogs, 4 for an average dog and 5-6 for a large dog.