Can dogs eat apples | Is apples safe for dogs

can dogs eat applesCan dogs eat apples? Are apples safe for dogs? Let’s be clear. The apple is a fantastic fruit. It is sweet and crispy and is safe for your dog. They contain a good amount of vitamin A, C and natural fibres. Then Can dogs eat apples? The answer is “YES”. However, the seeds may contain small amounts of cyanide, so it is not recommended to give apple seeds to your dog. The effects do not cause an immediate discomfort in the dog, but over time it can accumulate a lot of cyanide and can damage his nervous system. Therefore, it is recommended to remove the central part of the apple , thus removing the seeds.

Can dogs eat apples and how can I give them?

The apples most appreciated by the dogs are sweet apples. In addition, dogs with a delicate digestion tolerate this fruit very well. The amount of apples you can give your dog depends from its size. But remember: you should give your dog apples as a reward and not as a substitute for daily meals. Apples alone would never be able to provide them the daily calories and nutrients they need.


Can dogs eat apples and what are the benefits? The apple regulates intestinal functions of your dog and protect the stomach, it also defends the intestine and cleanses the blood. The fat content in the apple is almost absent, rich in vitamins B1 -B2, A and C , making it an easily digestible food to be included ( always with moderation) in the diet of your dog. Thanks to its high fibre content, also has an antidiarrheal effect due to the astringent action of acids.

Contains few fats and sugars, is a perfect food for those who want to keep the dog healthy, it has very few calories and the fructose contained in apples is metabolized quickly, also prevents swelling of the stomach of your dog. Apples are full of polyphenols, which counteract the action of free radicals in the body, the cause of cellular aging. Lowers the cholesterol content in the blood, thus saving veins and the cardiovascular system in your dog.


Can dogs eat apples? Yes, but with moderation. Feed your dog with a large quantity of apples is never a good thing. First of all, can cause indigestion and later can cause digestive problems. A dog with stomachaches is never a fun thing! If you have an apple tree and the dog has easy access, then you need to be careful and make sure the dog doesn’t eat as much as he wants (we know that dogs are voracious eaters). Apples contain natural sugars unlike many dog foods that contain only treated sugars. However, when consumed in large quantities, they can contribute to fattening your dog.

So the rule is simple: always give apples with moderation. Apples also have a calcium and phosphorus content and can worsen the health of dogs with kidney problems. While the presence of Omega 6 fatty acids enhances the brilliance (and health) of the hair but also helps against inflammation. Therefore, give apples carefully to dogs suffering from arthritis. Remember than an excessive consumption of apples causes hyper-energetic behaviour. It should not be forgotten that apples,can cause suffocation if not chewed well.

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