Can dogs eat oranges | Is essential for their diet?

can dogs eat orangesCan dogs eat oranges? Is orange good for dogs? Let’s be clear. Many people love it. Just peel it a bit and is ready to eat. But not everyone loves fruit, and not all fruits should be used as snacks for our dogs. But oranges are really healthy fruit, despite their sour taste, which could be annoying for children, for example. So, can dog eat oranges? The answer is “YES”. Dogs can eat orange without problems because it does not hurt, if accompanied by other fruits for them digestible, you can prepare a dish full of delicacies.

Like any type of food, oranges should not exceed certain doses. Orange in small quantities is not a problem for dogs. If you have a small dog, two small piece a day alternated with different types of fruit or food are already enough. For large size dogs, you can also give half an orange. For the orange juice, the dog can drink a small glass (unsweetened) without problem, but not more. It is always preferable that they eat organic oranges, avoiding to give them the peel, indigestible and dangerous because can causes severe stomach aches.

Is essential for their diet?

Can dogs eat oranges is essential for their diet? Orange doesn’t hurt your dog, but in their diet it’s not an essential food. Dogs can produce vitamin C themselves, unlike humans, who need to eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as lemons, oranges, pineapples, peppers, strawberries, kiwis, lettuce, tomatoes and so on. Oranges are most recommended for dogs with Vitamin C “production” problems. Sick dogs and even older dogs can take Vitamin C from fruit (in this case oranges). When you decide to give oranges to your dog, pay attention to sugars. If you dog suffers from obesity, it is preferable to reduce the intake of the oranges, which can be replaced very well with APPLE and MANGO.


Regular consumption of oranges can help reduce the risk of developing heart disease both for people and dogs. Oranges (with a great source of Vitamin C) can also help prevent the formation of free radicals. Oranges are excellent for citrates and citric acid present in this fruit , which can prevent the formation of kidney stone. Oranges (with moderation) strengthen and support the immune system of your dog. This effect is mainly due to the action of vitamin C, which protects against infections, stimulates the formation of antibodies and as mentioned strengthen the immune system.

Orange contain Vitamin C in large quantities. This is really important both for people and dogs. Continuous exercise and movement can reduce the percentage of this vitamin present in the body. Integrating oranges into your dog’s diet (with moderation) can therefore have positive effects on your dog’s body and immune system. In fact, the vitamin present in oranges can fight flu and fever. It is also very helpful to give your dog oranges, especially if your dog has taken harmful or toxic foods such as garlic or onion. Vitamin C seems to be able to fight the toxic elements in the body.


So, oranges and dogs can get along absolutely well, but only if the oranges are given with moderation. It is also advisable to inform your vet if you want to add this new food to your dog’s diet. In this way, the vet can advise you whether or not to take this fruit .In case of a positive answer, they will indicate the right amount based on weight, health and on any disease of your dog. Finally, for the first time, it is advisable to give the dog less than the minimum recommended amount of oranges. So as to be able quickly to fight the onset of any allergies or side effects. Not all dogs can stand the same food, so when you introduce a new food, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions.