Can Xbox one play dvds | How to handle the problem

can xbox one play dvdsCan Xbox one play dvds? Let’s be clear. As is well known, Xbox One is considered the successor to Xbox 360, a video game machine sold by Microsoft. Classified as “all-round entertainment system”. As a powerful counterpart, Microsoft has increased its market share to some other video game consoles.

We can divide Xbox One into two groups: the hard disk version and the optical device version. You are able to play movies from Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and many more just with a Blu-ray player. But when these DVD movies arrive on Xbox One, things will be completely different.

However, you cannot play DVD movies on Xbox One version DVD-ROM. So how to handle the problem? How can Xbox one play dvds? Copying DVD on Xbox One is the best way to watching DVD on Xbox One. And is very simple, you just need a USB and powerful DVD rip software.

Best way to play and watch DVD movies on Xbox One

There are many ways to rip DVD movies online. Make MKV is the first thing that comes to mind. However, Make MKV has some limitations, such as the inability to encrypt encrypted DVDs. Some other DVD rippers are also more or less problematic, such as low scroll speed and low output quality.

You may find that ripping DVD movies with these applications is a time-consuming job. However, is the best alternative to fill these gaps. Make MKV is the best alternative to copy different types of movies to DVD, even encrypted ones. You might have the wonderful experience after trying the program.

How to watch DVDs on Xbox One easily

Make MKV might be the easiest way to rip DVDs to play them on Xbox One. The all-in-one program could combine the powerful functions of DVD ripping and video conversion/editing. Just download the free version and open the program directly.

Step 1. Upload the DVDs to the Program.

Insert the DVD disc on your hard drive and click “Load Disc” button to add the DVDs you want to import.

Step 2. Choose the output profile.

The user-friendly program offers different types of output formats. You don’t even need to know the specific video formats supported by Xbox One. Just click on the “Profile” icon to open the drop-down list and find the Xbox One video format like MP4, H.264 and WMV in the “Xbox One” tab. Choose Xbox One video format

Step 3. Start copying DVDs

Just click on the “Convert” button to easily start the ripping process. After a few minutes, the DVDs could be easily copied and transferred directly to the USB device.

Start ripping

As mentioned, you may find that playing and watching DVD videos on Xbox One is simple using this powerful software. As a user, you hope to use a kind service that can offer excellent performance at reasonable cost in applications.

Make MKV is a useful service that it could not only freely rip DVD movies, but also customize output settings like adjusting limits, to improve output quality.

Make MKV is the best alternative to copy DVD to Xbox One with high output quality. The whole ripping process is very easy. Why not give it a try?

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