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can you freeze eggsCan you freeze eggs? Let’s be clear. Does a frozen egg is edible? The answer is “YES”, but to preserve frozen eggs it is essential to follow some important rules. Let’s find out how can you freeze eggs and how to use them. Can you freeze eggs, in this case raw eggs? Eggs, organic or not, can be stored for long periods in the freezer, up to 6-8 months. If you want to freeze raw eggs, the process is very simple. First break the eggs, then pour them into a bowl and beat them with a fork.

The low temperatures of the freezer make the yolks grainy, to avoid this problem is advised to add to the mixture a bit sugar or salt depending on what you want to prepare with eggs once thawed. A teaspoon of sugar or salt will be enough to prevent lumps. After this , place the eggs in a container to freeze the food, not to fill it completely and leave a space between one compartment and another. Before putting everything in the freezer, note the date of freezing, the quantity and whether you have added sugar or salt.

Can you freeze eggs, in this case raw egg yolks?

You have done one of the Christmas cakes and you have only the yolks left? To avoid throwing them away, you can freeze them and reuse them in the future for other delights. After separating the egg yolks from the whites, mix them slightly, adding a pinch of salt or sugar as needed. Then place them in the freezer using the method indicated for whole eggs.

Can you freeze eggs, in this case whites of raw eggs?

Not only yolks, but also raw egg whites can be frozen. To do this, simply mix them and place them in the appropriate container. Remember to leave some space between one egg white and the next one, because in the cold they tend to increase in volume. Once defrosted and cooked them, they will be excellent, identical to fresh eggs.

Can you freeze eggs, in this case cooked eggs?

Not only raw, even cooked eggs can be frozen. However, remember that while once thawed the yolks will preserve an unaltered taste, unlike the whites of raw eggs, which do not preserve a pleasant taste if they are put in the freezer after cooking, because they suffer from the thermal shock.

How can they be preserved? Cook the eggs quickly, bringing the water to a boil. Then separates the yolks from the whites. Let them cool down, then put them in a bag or container for freezing and put them in the freezer.

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