Can you lose weight with yoga | Properties & benefits of yoga

can you lose weight with yogaCan you lose weight with yoga? Let’ be clear. Yoga is famous for its ability to relieve bad stress. Its ability to improve the oxygenation of the body’s cells, because of the control of the breath.

The whole thing is aimed to a cerebral-mental aspect which leads to a consequent physical improvement. So, can you lose weight with yoga? The answer in this case is YES. Let’s start with what we know about yoga. The practice is very ancient (even dating back to 3,000 years BC).

The practice of yoga alters the structure of the brain improving it. In addition to widening the Hippocampus, those who practice this discipline are able to have benefits of improving the superior parietal cortex of the brain.

What involves respectively

The regulation of STRESS.
Greater focus than the average of other individuals who do not practice anything.
The understanding and management of behaviors that push us to eat or EATING DISORDER.
The consequent “emotional eating” which takes various names such as “nervous hunger”.

We can already establish a first point. The practice of yoga helps to lose weight because, acting on stress and attention, and determines greater ability to stay focused on their goals.

Wheel Pose (Chakrasana )

This yoga position is extremely effective to get a flat stomach. Tones and strengthens the abdominal muscle. It also works and strengthens the HIP FLEXOR muscles and the spine.

Lie on your back, bend your KNEES and keep your feet close to the floor, taking them to each other down to your hips. Now, move your hands parallel to your body, always keeping your palms down, and make sure that your toes only touch the ends of your heels.

You can now join your hands together by squeezing them into each other, and then move your body upwards. Hold this position for a minimum of 30 seconds to one minute. Then you can leave the position, and slowly go back to lying on the floor.

Repeat the pose 5 times. This yoga posture is practiced for its effectiveness in firming the BUTTOCKS and toning the abdominal muscles. In addition, it is advisable position for people who suffer from BACK PAIN.

Lying Face Down. Position your hands so that they are under your shoulders. Hold your hands with your palm facing down, and keep your fingers open and separate.

Stretch your legs, always keeping the top of your feet flat and in contact with the floor. Now, press the palms of your hands towards the floor, and at the same time, move your head and torso upwards. Push your shoulders back, but keep your hips, legs, and feet close to the floor.

Bow Position (Dhanurasan)

This yoga position can take lots of energy. It is very effective to eliminate fat and toning up some difficult body parts. In addition, this position helps to better withstand menstrual pain and is beneficial for problems related to constipation.

Lie on your stomach. Now, with your hands, stretch your back and try to reach your feet and keep the grip. Just as if your body was a bow. At this point, you must contract your stomach, and then try to move your torso towards each other.

You must also move your shoulders, towards each other. If you are doing it correctly, your feet should be bent over your hips, and your hands should be holding your toes. Hold the position for a few minutes, without stopping to breathe. At this point, you can slowly begin to relax, releasing your feet.

Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

How Can you lose weight with yoga? Sit on the mat with your back straight, your legs taut and your heels active. Bring your arms upwards and your elbows towards your center, perform a wave movement that will allow you to slide forward better.

Then extend your arms and try (slowly) to reach your feet. Do not bend your back. Grasp the mat with your fingertips and pull it towards you. Focus on the lumbar muscles. These are the muscles that need to stretch.

If the lumbar stretching is correct, then you will feel well the lengthening of the femoral biceps. Exhale, completely empty your abdomen and imagine carrying your navel towards your knees. In this way you will increase the lengthening.

Keep the position until you can. The muscles of the front of the body contract and this create pressure on the abdomen and chest. This improves respiratory functions, with particular attention to the secretions. This position, lead you to the true purpose of yoga. Excellent for stomach fat.

Milestone pose (Chakki Chalanasana)

This position is very effective to reduce fat in the belly area. Sit comfortably on the floor, and stretch your legs, holding them straight in front of you. Make sure your legs are parallel and touch each other.

Now, squeeze your hands and move them in a circular way, without bending your knees. Repeat it at least 10 times clockwise. Then, after a pause of a few seconds, repeat the movement another 10 times counterclockwise. Finally, leave the position slowly.