Can you tattoo over scars | Tattoos on scars

can you tattoo over scarsCan you tattoo over scars? Is it possible to make tattoos on scars? Let’s be clear. Many people interested by this imperfection, want to know if is possible doing a tattoo on the scar, so let’s see if is really possible. In fact, making tattoos on scars is an excellent way to hide an otherwise obvious blemish.

Even to erase the unpleasant memory to the scar in question (accidents, burns, traumatic events of various kinds, surgical operations). So, can you tattoo over scars? The answer is yes, it is possible to make tattoos on scars, but there are some conditions that must be respected.

From a medical point of view, tattooing a scar at a significant distance of time from the event that caused, it is not at all dangerous, since the scar is now dry. For an aesthetic reason, tattoos cannot be made on a keloid, on a scar in relief with respect to the skin. A drawing on a mass high above the natural level of the skin, in fact, it can become unsightly.

Technical point

Tattooists are well aware that from a technical point of view, tattoos on scars are more difficult to do. Especially in the case of colored tattoos. For example, scars such as those from burns do not always offer the possibility to make tattoos. The color may it doesn’t stick well on a skin that has taken on certain characteristics.

However, there are no risks in making tattoos on scars. Most of the time there are only technical problems in the choice of colors so that the tattoo can stick well on the skin and thus result in a design of quality. Moreover, to realize tattoos on scars, it is fundamental a tattooist with ability and experience.

Even in the choice of shapes and finishes of the design, so that the defect of the skin is almost invisible by the tattoo itself. It is useful to remember, that a tattoo is a permanent decoration of the skin. Is a step that requires, awareness, create a tattoo with the purpose of covering a scar, in fact, is not ( in some case) an advisable solution.

Tattoo only cover the imperfection

A person who was already planning to make a tattoo, can take the opportunity to make a tattoo on scars. Making a SKIN design with this sole purpose, it may turn out in a drastic choice. On the other hand, we must not forget that the tattoo is only a cover of the imperfection. Today the possibilities of removing a scar from the skin are many and very effective.

Until a few years ago, some scars represented an insurmountable obstacle, today there have been some very important advances in this field. It is absolutely possible to erase various types of scars in a perfect way, recovering a skin completely free of imperfections. Among the most interesting latest-generation solutions, laser treatments and new creams for topical use are very useful.

Laser treatments are really excellent opportunities to remove these unsightly skin signs. Practical treatments, as well as fast and completely painless. It is possible to cut these defects from the skin, and return to a skin tissue impeccable. Even the creams for scars represent, today, a very interesting solution.

Recently, topical products had limited effectiveness, today these innovative products can offer much more qualitative results, thanks to completely new formulations that must use of 100% natural ingredients, with a high healing and regenerating power.

Opinion of doctors and dermatologists

Before covering a scar with a tattoo, is important to ask the dermatologist if you can cover a scar with a tattoo. There are scars that tend to get irritated or thickened if subjected to stress, so obviously a tattoo would not be indicated.

In general, better if the scar is not a recent phenomenon. Is usually recommended to wait 6 to 12 months after its formation before thinking about covering it with a tattoo.

Prepare to feel some pain

The pain is subjective and varies from case to case. However, the skin of scars is not like “healthy” skin. It is more sensitive and sometimes the color adhere with more difficulty, so the tattooist may need to do more pass or even more sessions.

Consider the pain reason as a preliminary test for your determination. The prospect of experiencing some pain discourages you to the point of doubting your decision? Is it worth it or is the scar not so terrible? The answer to these questions could be a first indicator of whether you are 100% convinced!

Finding the right tattoo

There are different types of scars, which can have different shapes, thicknesses, and sizes. Obviously it is important to find a tattoo that reflects your taste. If the aim is to cover the scar, it is also clear that the desired tattoo must have a structure that covers the critical areas.

For example, a tattoo with lettering or geometrical motifs could have many empty spaces. Can enhance the scar instead of hiding it. Colored tattoos, with animals or flowers, are ideal for covering scars. They can create complex compositions that completely disguise imperfection.