Can you wear black to a wedding? The answer is simple

can you wear black to a wedding Can you wear black to a wedding? How to dress at a wedding? Respect the dress code if indicated in the invitation .For a daytime wedding: wear a cocktail dress. For an evening wedding: wear a long dress choose sober, pastel or patterned colours, especially during the day. You prefer solid colours if the wedding is in the evening. If the dress is simple you can dare with more flashy jewelry. If the dress is important you can wear sober jewelry. Bag: strictly clutch bag. Careful and elegant makeup. Taking part in a friend’s or relative’s wedding is always a pleasure, but when you receive an invitation you inevitably get caught up in anxiety and there is only two question in your mind: how to dress at a Wedding?Can you wear black to a wedding? The question may seem silly and easily solved, but actually choosing what to wear to a wedding is not as simple as you might think, since there are many aspects to consider before choosing the right outfit. Let’s see, then, what you need to carefully consider before deciding how to dress for a wedding and what are the fatal mistakes to avoid!

Outfits to avoid absolutely

Let’s start by making a small list of all the mistakes that are most commonly made when choosing a wedding dress. There are, in fact, a number of essential rules that apply to any type of marriage, from the evening to the afternoon, from the formal to the more informal and so on.

So, the firm points to always keep in mind are:

Never dress in white: White is the color of the bride, the protagonist of the day, the only one on that day to be authorized to wear a white dress. Total inadequate look: It is not recommended to opt for a total red or purple look, as the former would be too aggressive, the latter inappropriate since purple is considered a color that brings bad luck. Avoid excessive necklines: Good taste must be your guideline, so try to avoid overly generous necklines, especially if the ceremony is held in church. Avoid sexy clothes: The principle is the same for the choice of neckline; clothes too transparent, short or shabby would be inadequate for the occasion. Do not wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes: Remember that weddings can turn into real “marathons” so it is always good to opt for comfort. Can you wear black to a wedding : even for weddings black has now been cleared through customs, but remember to wear it always combined with some colorful accessories and that gives light. Length of clothes and accessories: Do not forget that long dresses are banned for weddings taking place in the morning, while the hat is definitely out for what is held after 5 pm.

How do dress? Some tips

After illustrating the mistakes to be avoided in the choice of the dress, we now move on to give some advice, highlighting the factors that must be taken into account to be absolutely elegant. The first thing to consider in order to understand how to dress at a wedding is to “analyze” the wedding invitation, if the latter is very elegant and refined probably also the ceremony and the reception will be elegant, then better adapt to the context. From the invitation you will also learn about the place and time of the wedding, information invaluable for the choice of our dress. Very often the invitations contain another important item, “dress code”, with which the bride and groom give instructions to the guests on how to dress. So on your invitation there may be written “welcome casual wear”, “cocktail”, “black dress” or even “black tie”, a rumor that for men means wearing a tuxedo and for women the long dress.

Choose the dress according to the type of wedding

If the wedding takes place in the morning it is good to opt for a cocktail dress, which means that suits are preferable while evening dresses are absolutely to be avoided. On the contrary, if the wedding takes place in the evening, the long dress is a must even if you must always take into account the “type” of the wedding, or if it is a formal or informal wedding. If the wedding will be informal and will be held in the morning, you should prefer cocktail dresses or suits with skirts or trousers, while if the wedding is held in the evening will always suit the cocktail dress. If it is a formal ceremony, then in the morning are preferable to wear suits combined with gloves and hats, while in the evening is a must the long dress, perhaps accompanied by furs and jewelry, but always being careful not to exaggerate.

can you wear black to a wedding

Choose the dress according to the season

If the wedding is held in summer or spring, in the morning or early afternoon, then you prefer pastel-coloured dresses, avoiding black instead, all combined with a soft hairdo and a very natural makeup. For evening weddings even the darkest colours are fine, the length of the dress must be appropriate to the type of reception, while the hairstyle can also be more challenging. If the wedding takes place in winter, pay attention to the choice of overcoat that we always recommend to wear black maybe in combination with a nice suit.

How to choose colors

Matching colors seems the easiest thing in the world because you just need to know which colors do not go together, and which do, and you’re done! The reality, however, is quite different because fashion is often “breaking the rules” by proposing color combinations outside the box and creating a bit of confusion to those who are not completely familiar with the subject. Beyond that, in order to know how to match colors, we must first of all learn the basic rules and secondly take into account “our colors”, that is the shade of skin and hair, which affect the choice of clothing according to the type of wedding.

How to match colours: the basic rules

In order to know how to match the colors we usually use the “Itten Circle” which can be a good guideline for us too. The rule of this circle is not to match colors close to each other, while perfectly match those in opposite positions. This may be a good start to learning how to match colors but it is better to do a general refreshment on the main matches

How to match White

It is probably the most matchable color of all in fact it can be combined with pastel or neutral colors, but also with warm colors such as red. In the case of white, however, it should be borne in mind that the garments in this shade tend to accentuate the shapes, so if we do not want this type of effect, it is good to avoid dressing in white or maybe choose garments too tight.

How to match Red

This is probably the most difficult color to match because is not good with blue, yellow, green, orange etc.. It’s great with black and white, and has always been banned near pink, although the latter combination is one of the rules broken by designers in recent years. How to match Brown: this is also a color not easy to match. It goes well with other shades of brown (leather, beige), with gold and green. Matching with black is forbidden.

How to match Black

It goes well with almost all colours except brown (except leather) and blue (except electric blue). Pastel colours are perfect with black, but for a perfect combination it is preferable to choose bright colours.

How to match yellow

Unlike what you think it can be matched in various ways. Yellow is good with a matching tone on tone, with brown and dark colors or even with purple and light green.

How to match blue

It matches perfectly with the other shades of blue. Do not combine with black, red or yellow. These are the basic combinations for the main colors on which it should also be remembered that it is usually preferable not to match a color (except for blue and brown) with other shades of the same color.

How to match the colors according to our

As we have mentioned, the combination of colors should also be done according to our complexion and our hair. Dark complexions go perfectly with yellow and gold as well as with light colours in general. Those with light skin can opt for a contrast with the bright colors. If we talk about how to match the colors according to the hair, the blond is undoubtedly the hair color that can be matched with all colors except with gold. With dark shades, those who have blond hair acquire a touch of elegance while pastel tones give a delicate and very feminine touch. Blackberries, on the other hand, can focus on warm colors such as red, purple and brown, perhaps combined with pastel colors. If you are a fan of dark colours, opt for black combined with bright colours and avoid dark grey and blue. In short, these are the basic rules for learning how to match colors, but certainly we can also try to invent different combinations, but remember to try to wear only two colors at a time.

How to dress with style

Certainly a good question to which, however, it is not possible to give an “absolute” answer and this is not only because fashions change and follow one another at an impressive speed, but also because in the search for the right style you must always consider your body, your personality and your style. At the same time, one should not make the mistake of thinking that dressing in fashion means only showing off designer clothes or clothes from big brands that maybe one cannot afford; one can also take inspiration from what one sees on the catwalks to then build one’s own style that is always an expression of good taste, of the right colour combinations and of careful choices of looks in relation to the situation. Keeping these “fixed points” in mind, you will be able to dress in fashion, without running the risk of “conforming” to the mass or distorting your personality. Do not forget, moreover, that the construction of a fashionable look must always enhance those that are the strong points of your body, trying instead to hide your small defects.

How to dress with style and attention to detail

In order to dress in fashion, it is first and foremost essential to find out about the latest trends in colours and accessories. For this reason, browse through magazines, follow the blogs on the Net and pay attention to every trend; only in this way will you be able to broaden your views in terms of clothing, perhaps even identifying “an icon” to which you want to be inspired. To learn how to dress in fashion it is also important to understand that you don’t need a “glittering” look; even simple clothing can become absolutely glamorous by taking care of the details. For example, a simple plain dress can be completely transformed with the right accessories that must enrich without “loading” too much your look.

can you wear black to a wedding