Colic baby remedies colic treatment in babies

colic baby remedies ,colic treatment in babiesColic of the newborn is a disorder that affects about 10% of infants in the first months of life and that very stresses the parents, who feel helpless in front of the cry of their child. The causes of gaseous colics are not yet clear, but there are measures that can give relief to the child. In the expectation that, after three or four months of age, they cease by themselves. You do not have to think about colic whenever the baby cries .In babies, a cry, which is prolonged for two hours a day, is considered physiological and is part of normal development. Even the symptoms have very specific characteristics: suddenly the child, without any triggering cause, begins to be restless and screaming, becomes pale or even cyanotic, squeezes the punches, flexes the legs on the abdomen. Not even the mother’s breast can give him consolation.

Between a crisis and the other can calm down, fall asleep, emit a flare, which gives him temporary relief. Usually (but not an absolute rule) crises are more frequent in the evening hours if the baby is fed on the bottle, while in small breastfed babies can occur at any time of day. Colic usually begins to appear around 4-5 weeks of life, but they are self-limiting, they reduce spontaneously after 3 months, until they cease altogether. Some studies have shown that the infant with colic has an increased risk of presenting in the first year of life sleep disorders, attention and mood so it can be defined as “difficult” temperament.

Causes of baby colic

On the causes of colic, numerous hypotheses have been made, but even today we have no certainties . One is the psycho-relational , according to which at the base of the colic there would be an altered mother-child relationship. In fact, gaseous colic occurs more in the first-born and with more apprehensive or overprotective motherss. In addition there is greater risk in mothers who have anxiously experienced pregnancy Read more