Pick baby gender natural way to pick gender of your baby

can pregnant women eat shrimpThere is a bit of everything when trying to understand how to conceive a male or a female. Legends and scientific hazards mingle in trying to provide useful information on how to guide conception.Although it is appropriate to regulate certain processes, some studies have highlighted the possibility of increasing the possibility of having a boy or a girl.

What determines the sex of the unborn child

To determine the sex of the unborn child is the man, through the spermatozoa. With sexual intercourse and the achievement of orgasm, the man frees in the vagina on average 40 to 600 million sperm. It is in the head that the sperm contain the DNA and therefore also the sex chromosome, which can be Y or X. The ovum of the woman, on the other hand, has only the X chromosome. Once released, the sperm swim from the neck of the uterus to the egg, if the woman is in her fertile period, until only one reaches her destination.  If a spermatozoon with Y chromosome fertilize the egg, then a male will be born, if instead a spermatozoon with chromosome X will have a female.

The right diet to conceive a male or a female

Some studies have related the nutrition of women with the possibility of conceiving a male or a female. What the woman eats, in fact, affects the pH of the vagina and therefore of the secretion that facilitates the spermatozoa in their ascent to the ovule. If the environment in which the sperms are found is acid, those with X chromosome are favored, if instead it is basic, those with Y chromosome are favored. Entering the specific fruit to increase the possibility of conceiving a male it will be necessary to consume carbohydrates coming from flour, proteins of meat, especially red and fish, a few months before, together with zucchini, mushrooms and peas. To try to have a little girl you should increase the consumption of dairy products, dried fruit, beans, dark chocolate, bitter cocoa, etc … Since spermatozoa with Y chromosome are faster but have a shorter life than those with X chromosome, having sex when ovulation has already occurred should favor the first, and therefore the birth of a Boy Read more