Cruise Ship Employment Earn Money & Travel The World

Cruise Ship EmploymentHow to work on cruise ships. If you are still convinced that you want to try to look for work on cruise ships and travel the world, you just have to follow an easy process. What is difficult, however, is to be hired, because the selections are very careful and are chosen only those who have the requisites and strong motivations, as well as a strong predisposition to work in contact with the public.

Requirements for the work of a waiter on ships

Who wants to work on cruise ships must first know the languages, absolutely English and preferably a second and third language among those required by those who hire, usually French, Spanish, German, although lately we are looking for professionals who speak fluently the Russian. To work on board, most companies require a minimum of experience. This is because the worker, must know the main mise en place and table service that may differ according to the service offered by the ship. The economic treatment on cruise ships is quite interesting. Of course it depends on the contract, but on average you can earn very good money according to their experiences and duties. Those who have a strong empathy with customers, however, can count on interesting tips. The work is divided into long shifts, even 12 hours a day, with small breaks for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Usually the contracts provide for fixed-term and indefinite employment. The most frequent ones have a duration of boarding varying from 4 to 6 months, with the possibility of renewal after two months of break Read more