Depression cure happy life that YOU Control

Depression cureEmotions are important in our life. We spend a lifetime trying to live beautiful, positive, rewarding emotions, and we try to avoid painful emotions.Positive emotions serve us for our fulfillment, to enjoy life and to be happy. Painful ones can be lessons or a push for action. Unfortunately, however, sometimes some painful emotions when experienced constantly and for too long become blockers, detrimental to our health and definitely dangerous. One of these is depression.

Depression is not a disease

There are various levels of depression. But certainly is not a disease; it is a well-defined emotional state. Antidepressants, with the momentary illusion of being “not very bad”, carry with them many serious contraindications, even in their sexual sphere. But the real problem with antidepressants is that they do not solve the problem in the deep, they do not work on the cause and above all they do not help the people to build the habit of living the most productive states of depression.

We are the creators of every emotion

This concept will be hard to accept, but the truth, even if difficult, makes you free and aware. The emotional states we experience, we create them (consciously or unconsciously) All of us through our physiology and through our focus. Through these 2 fundamental aspects we can create every existing emotion. Physiology, in short, is represented by our internal biochemistry (therefore also from what we ingest, what we drink, smoking, drugs, medicines, etc …), from the movement of the body, posture, expressions, breathing , etc… The focus is where we address our concentration. In other words, it is where we decide, consciously or unconsciously, to focus our attention or what we decide to give importance. The emotional state transforms our physiology. We transmit if we are happy or sad with our whole body. But this also applies to the contrary.

“Transforming our physiology will transform our emotional state!” The extraordinary news is that every emotional state corresponds to a precise physiological state. You can not be happy if our body has an anxiety physiology (body collected, superificiale breathing and panting, looked tense, tense facial muscles, alertness, high levels of body and blood acidity, etc …). Obviously changing physiology allows us to enter into another emotional state, but the change becomes significant and lasting if we use the power of our focus. As? through the questions! For example. If in a difficult situation you ask yourself: “why did it happen to me?” “Because I can never solve the problems …?” Etc … What are the possible answers? How is your emotional state transformed? And if you ask yourself instead of the same problem: “How can I fix the situation?” “How can I turn the situation to my advantage?” “What’s good? What can I learn? ” Read more