Do stretch marks go away | Get your questions answered

do stretch marks go awayDo stretch marks go away? Let’s be clear. If some stretch marks already appeared and they are still red, it is important to intervene in the first inflammatory phase. Choosing cosmetic products with a targeted shock action. These treatments are able to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin, thus limiting the evolution of existing imperfections and making them less evident. To reduce the newly formed red stretch marks, it is important the constancy in treatment. The product should be applied morning and evening, massaging it transversely to the skin lines, until it is completely absorbed. So do stretch marks go away? The answer is “YES”.

For treatment and prevention of stretch marks can also be used several natural remedies, devoting every day a bit of your time to the care of your body. Thanks to natural remedies the stretch marks can be improved, making the skin more toned. To prevent their formation even after PREGNANCY, it is necessary to work on the elasticity of the skin and tissues of the body. Practicing regular physical activity and eating foods rich in vitamin C and E can help. Whether you want to prevent stretch marks or improve their appearance, try to put some of the following tips into practice.

Shea butter

Shea butter is one of the most used remedies against stretch marks, which can improve and soften the appearance of the skin. Recommended applied every day after showering on the skin after softening it a bit between the fingers. Pure Shea butter is available from natural product stores or herbalists.

Rose hip seed oil

Precious oil used as a remedy for SKIN disorders of various types, and to improve the appearance of stretch marks. It can be applied once a day directly to the skin. Useful in case of small scars. It is recommended to buy organic Rosehip oil without additives.

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin stay young. Sensitive to heat and light . Keep it in the dark and cool, is recommended buy it in small packages. Apply daily in drops on the skin. It can also be used for relaxing massages and for the prevention of stretch marks, even during pregnancy.

Aloe vera

Is a natural remedy often used in case of sunburn, but it can also be useful in case of stretch marks, to give the skin a new and greater elasticity. Compared to oils, the Aloe vera gel is not greasy and is quickly absorbed by the skin. In this case application must be daily and constant.

Lemon juice

The lemon juice can be applied pure on the skin and scars, or combined with Aloe vera gel. The vitamin C content can help the skin to produce collagen and improve its appearance, even if there are stretch marks.

Lavender oil

Is an essential oil and can be diluted with sweet almond or jojoba oil to enhance the effectiveness of these vegetable oils against stretch marks. In 250 millilitres of basic vegetable oil, 10-15 drops of essential oil can be added.


You can prepare a lotion by blending together 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 100 ml of Aloe vera gel, 4 capsules of liquid vitamin A and 6 capsules of liquid vitamin E. It is a lotion to be used to prevent stretch marks. It can be stored in a refrigerator in a closed glass jar for two or three weeks. It should be applied to places where stretch marks are feared, such as legs, hips and abdomen.

Linseed oil

Its content of omega-3 fatty acids and its ability to help the skin in the production of collagen, they make linseed oil an excellent product. This oil should always be stored in the refrigerator so that it does not become rancid. It can be used for massages and as a natural food supplement, replacing other oils used as a condiment.

coconut oil Coconut oil can be used as a massage oil for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks. Its emollient properties make the skin extremely soft and elastic.

Calendula oil

Preparation: 50 grams of dried Calendula flower petals and 250 millilitres of extra virgin olive oil. The flowers should be left to rest in a closed jar and stored in the dark with the oil for three weeks. The oil should then be filtered and stored in a dark glass bottle, away from light and heat. Its use is recommended for treatment and prevention.