Ebook cover software designing your professional graphics

Ebook cover softwareIn fact, whether you have published an ebook or a paper book, your work, before the contents, will be judged very quickly by the fleeting look deposited on the cover of the book. The cover is the first thing in the book that is seen by the reader whether they are in an online store or in a physical bookstore. As the saying goes, the eye wants its part and since our goal is to attract the attention of the reader it is essential to impress with a nice cover. Many self-publishers believe that making a cover is extremely difficult and they live it as a major obstacle to overcome. In this article I want to teach you how to use the cover creation tools provided by our powerful Software. The image of the book cover should be very detailed, fragmented, with multiple visual references; the image must contain a preponderant graphic element or a logo that is not confused with the background or with other graphic elements on the cover.

It is very important that if the created image is reduced, it will not be deformed. Just think of online stores, where the images of the covers are depicted by miniatures. When a cover becomes a thumbnail, the cover image must be recognizable without blurring, distortion and loss of visual information. The American designer of the covers of many best sellers, suggests to analyze the image of the cover of the book if converted into black and white.Then make a photocopy of the cover. If the background is detailed then add a bold title and colors that stand out, wide enough to be read easily.  Furthermore, an external shadow is suggested to give greater depth and realism to the image.

Find the type of your audience

The first thing to do is to classify your book according to the category of your readers, identifying the elements that unite them Read more