Eliminate social anxiety 3 Mistakes You Must AVOID

eliminate social ansietySocial anxiety, similar to social phobia, but not exactly identical. How the state of anxiety is not comparable to that of when we experience a strong phobia. Social anxiety is definitely more common but it should not be underestimated for this. It seems, according to some recent studies, that in our continent, it suffers from 3% to 13%, a slice of the population that includes mostly women, from 30 years onwards or slightly less. However, being difficult to define and to diagnose, and to be admitted, Social Anxiety can emerge even in subjects that are unexpectedly comfortable in the group. But then inside, who knows how they feel!

Social anxiety: meaning

Understood that social anxiety is not social phobia, let’s see what it is. This expression is used to define a persistent and evident fear with respect to a social situation, it is felt when this opportunity to have relations with others is foreseen and imminent. It is a fear, an anxiety, unmanageable. We are terrified of the idea of ​​being with others because we believe that we will be judged, especially if we are forced to work or for opportunities, to speak in public, to express an opinion explicitly declaring it. In the grip of an attack of social anxiety, we are worried and embarrassed in advance, even before making a fool, if it ever happens to do it. All this fear makes us more impregnated by force, most likely those who do not know us see us weaker or stupid than we are seriously, if we are. The problem is that we are afraid of appearing so, and we end up behaving in such a way that others notice it. The undecided voice, maybe some stuttering, the low tone, the trembling hands, clumsy gestures, shameful posture: all elements that do not play in our favor and that feed the social anxiety with which we have already arrived at our appointment with the part of world that is ready, in theory, to judge us Read more