Teach Beginner English simple lesson plans

How to learn English, first of all, being realistic. How long do you think you can devote to your learning every day? How much desire do you really have to do it? Where do you want to get there? Give yourself a short term deadline plan and try to respect it: the results will not be long! It has been shown that to obtain visible results in a short time it is sufficient to dedicate to the study of the language from 15 to 20 minutes a day. A good idea, therefore, may be to study little but every day, so that you spend less time every day but assimilate more.

Improve listening in english

Listen to the radio in English. At the beginning you probably will not understand much, but you will train the ear to the sound and the rhythm of the tongue. A little at a time you will be able to store words in your mind that you do not know, learning how to use them, and it will be easier for you to follow the conversations. Learn the lyrics of your favorite songs. How many times have you hummed a song without even knowing a word? Well: it’s time to fill the gap! Download the texts, read them and learn them: you will discover many uses of the spoken language that are not found in the books … and you can finally sing seriously and your favorite songs.

Watch movies and TV series in original language. It may seem silly, but it is not. Not only will you watch movies and TV series in English, it will help you listen to the conversation, but you will really enjoy dialogues, which often lose their original meaning in the dubbing. In a first phase, if you think it is appropriate, you can use subtitles, but the ideal would be to pass, as soon as you feel ready to do it, to those in English. When you have reached a level of security that you can do without subtitles, you can – for example – search online for TV interviews to your favorite actors or singers and practice them.

Improve reading in english

Change the language of the cellphone. It is a tool for everyday use, and having to manipulate it in English will surely help you to juggle the vocabulary. Read books, articles and magazines in English. Choose topics of your interest, and try to deepen the news and texts in the original language. Not only will you have information , (remember that many texts are often not translated) but you will learn new words every day.

Improving writing and ConversationĀ  in english

Write texts in English. If you think of something to write in your free time, try occasionally to do it directly in English. Not only will this train your mind to “think” in another language and its syntactic structure,but it will also allow you to really put yourself to the test Read more