Examples of passive income | Best ways to make passive income

examples of passive incomeExamples of passive income. Let’s be clear. Who never dreamed of having a passive income, automatic revenues that every month produces a profit while you can do something else. Earning without doing anything even while you sleep… that’s what comes to mind, right? Well, know that today, thanks to the Internet, it is possible! Passive incomes allow you to no depend on anyone and free up your time to devote it to doing things you like. So here are the advantages of having an online business:

1) Becoming your own boss

If you choose to become a digital entrepreneur it means that you will work remotely and then you can manage your day.

2) Choose when and how long to TRAVEL

This is the most fascinating advantage. By working on the Internet, you have the complete control of your time. Let’s see some examples together.

Examples of passive income :  Open An E-Commerce Shop

This idea is for those who are determined to make serious income online with automatic revenue. There’s a lot of work at the beginning and compared to other ideas, need to put a lot of work into account on an ongoing basis. But if you automate as much as possible, you can reduce it to a few hours a week. Anyway, here’s the idea… Find a product or group where there is a lot of demand (e.g. dog/cat food or accessories, car accessories, etc.), and then create your own online shop. Sign a DROPSHIPPING agreement directly with a reliable SUPPLIER. Look for products that are as small as possible and can cost between 50 and 200 dollars, are inexpensive to ship, are rather stable over time (i.e. they are not always updated / modified / sold out) and cannot be easily purchased online (e.g. digital cameras are easy to buy, while something like furniture, beds or mattresses are much more difficult).

Examples of passive income : Start a Blog

It’s even easier to make money this way , all you need to do is focus on the content of your site and get traffic. Most people who start this online business can get an affiliate sale within 30 days of starting a blog. You can now earn from selling all kinds of products; infoproduct of yourself and others, online tools and resources, physical products, books, etc.! Depending on the niche you choose, affiliate commissions can vary widely.

It is better to promote products in niches where most creators have already set up affiliate program; for example, the niche of small business support has already come with an affiliate program, from hosting providers, to WordPress theme creators, to online course teachers. Instead, the promotion of fitness equipment can be very difficult, since most providers do not have affiliate programs set up and ready to enroll, or not configured in a very intuitive way.

examples of passive income

To succeed with affiliate marketing, is important that your blog/website focuses on a specific niche and that you only affiliate for products in that area of interest (eg. Juicer machines, luxury watches, home supplies, ebooks etc.), so readers will trust your opinion and they will be ready to make a purchase. The best products to make an affiliate blog include digital products such as ebooks or online courses (you get super higher percentages, often 50% or more) and recurring online services (if they offer continuous reference rates, such as hosting, gambling, etc.)

Examples of passive income : Sell an Online Course With a Membership

We are talking about a multimedia website for paying members only. So, unlike other ideas about passive income, such as blogs + adsense, here you can open up to the idea of making money by TEACHING people something on a specific niche, such as how to breed hunting DOGS! We are talking about membership sites with restricted access where people pay to view or download content (video lessons, tutorials, eBooks, podcasts etc.) and digital products (plugins, templates, MP3 files, MP4 etc.).

We are in the field of information, products sold through a site or membership. With a membership you can create repeated online income over time by simply recording a series of lessons, uploading them to your site and making them available only to paying users, gradually, like 4 lessons per week for 6 months.

Examples of passive income :  Comparison Product Site

How it works: you need to Find a niche with a wide selection of products, with a lot of semi-complex functionality – or just about any kind of niche where people go often to choose a product but have no idea whether to buy or not. Now is time to create a site that first shares a number of useful tips (such as tutorials)  and review each service / product with photos text and videos. Build a comparison page with table where each product is listed and rated on a number of features, all side-by-side. The customer can finally decide which product is right for him through this table at a quick glance, in addition to the in-depth articles/videos of individual reviews. Next to each product there is a link to the seller’s purchase page , and those links are affiliate links.

Examples of passive income : Sell an Ebook

Loved by bloggers and those who start promoting themselves online worldwide … it’s pretty easy to write a 60-80 page ebook, and it’s not difficult to sell 500 copies per month through online networking, affiliate publishing and an optimized SEO blog. Be careful with the price. Pay attention to the niches where the public just willing to pay only $5 for an ebook. It’s always a good idea to repackage your ebook so you can sell it on Amazon (as a KINDLEversion). If you add this feature, make sure you have a price below $10 on these sites.

This seems to be the maximum price for these segments of the public and allows you to get a higher percentage for the Amazon. People who buy your ebook through these ways, 9 times out of 10 wouldn’t buy it otherwise, so you’re not losing money. Moreover, if you want to make money with an ebook, then you need to build an email list or lean on a list of affiliates who join you for sale. Whether you contact affiliates one by one, and/or start placing your products on affiliate marketplaces , the secret is simply to connect with as many people as possible, giving them all the tools they need to sell.