Fat burning food – easy fat burning recipes

fat burning foodIf you are thinking about losing weight, your goal will certainly be to do it as healthy as possible. Burning fat every day is not always easy; sometimes we do not have time to go to the gym and to prepare particular foods, but we assure you that you can lose weight in a really simple way. How? We’ll explain it to you. Steps to burn fat every day.

At breakfast

First of all, you must have one thing clear: to lose weight you should not stop eating or skipping meals, especially breakfast. Eating very little does not help at all and what you get is that your metabolism becomes slower and, as a result, you do not burn fat in the way you hoped. The ideal is to make 5 meals a day (in the right quantity and in a balanced way) so as to force the metabolism to work properly. How can you start your day to burn fat? Preparing a breakfast with the right ingredients: a papaya salad and a cup of oats with vegetable milk, such as rice, ideal for losing weight. Papaya is an excellent fruit to burn fat that can not miss in your diet. You can also prepare alternatives, such as an apple, a biscuit with honey and a cup of green tea, a natural yogurt (preferably homemade) with strawberries and almonds. There are many choices in which fruit is always the essential element.

Foods suitable for burning fats

A simple remedy for weight loss is to start the two main meals with artichoke water. It is perfect for purifying and metabolizing fats so that they remain in our body. You will know that it is very easy to prepare: just boil a couple of artichokes until they are soft. You can eat artichokes at dinner with a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar. The water obtained from cooking, however, is what you should drink before meals, adding a dash of lemon juice.

Advantage of every time you leave home

Every time you leave the house to run errands or take the dog for a walk you can take advantage of the opportunity to walk with some small weights, a kilo or two. They are small efforts that if made daily allow to burn fat. There are also simple precautions such as always choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, ie find a reason to move a little ‘every day. An excellent solution is, for example, get a walk of one hour a day at a brisk pace so as to keep the body and the heart in shape.

Sage syrup to burn fat

It’s perfect to drink in the mid-afternoon and every day. Sage syrup is a perfect remedy to get a flat stomach and burn fat. It is an infusion very suitable for women; moreover, it is anti-inflammatory, relaxing, antiseptic and diuretic. To prepare it, all you have to do is put five sage leaves in a cup of boiling water, adding the juice of half a lemon to make it even more effective. Drink it every night . You will feel much better.

Simple exercises to do at home

The best fat burning exercises are cardiovascular and aerobic ones. There is no need to go to the gym or to do hard and exhausting sessions, nor to spend much every month for this purpose. Half an hour a day is required. For example, you can skip rope, do abdominals, lie down and move your legs as if you were cycling. If you listen music , everything will be easier . Do not forget that the important thing is to be constant every day Read more

Fat burning food - easy fat burning recipes