Muscle building workout and fat loss

muscle building workoutMuscle toning and weight loss are two factors related to training that can not be considered separately. Mating is necessary because unfortunately it is still believed today that weight loss means losing weight and nothing else. A weight loss is not necessarily synonymous with fat loss, especially when it occurs in a short time, such as following an uncontrolled diet. In this case, first of all, the body water and the protein mass, that is the cell mass, and not the fat mass, vary. To lose weight correctly means to decrease the fat mass maintaining or increasing the lean mass. Vice versa, a weight increase after a period of gym workouts is not always correlated with an increase in muscle mass.

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Unlike what you might think, the element to refer to is always lean mass, not fat, since the metabolism is essentially linked to it. It is the lean mass that produces metabolism and therefore must be controlled, well fed and stimulated in order not to incur malnutrition. It is through increased metabolic activity that the excess body fat can be reduced, avoiding an overweight degenerating into obesity. Often, however, the attention falls erroneously and obsessively on the fat mass.

It must also be said that adopting the classic “bi-compartmental” model lean mass / fat mass does not give any indication on the state of nutrition and hydration of the subject: it is possible to meet healthy obese, sick, decompensated, malnourished, well fed, dehydrated oedematous and by estimating the lean and fat masses it is absolutely impossible to trace or monitor any of these states. Desiring accuracy in esteem, a more adequate body composition model is needed, dividing the body into several compartments, sensitive to hydration and nutrition, with which to explain all weight variations, regardless of whether they occur in fat mass, in the mass muscle or body fluids Read more