Learn to fly helicopter flight schools online

Learn to fly helicopter, flight schools onlineTo be a pilot of helicopter, you must first obtain the license. A challenging demanding, which requires passion and competence, but possible. We explain how to do it. A qualified profession, adequately remunerated but demanding. And, in the future, more and more requests. This professional path obviously starts from the achievement of the so-called “Patent” or, more precisely, the License. Only then will you become a full-fledged driver.But who is the “pilot”? Let’s start with the definition of this figure according to the National Agency for Aviation, the Pilot is the holder of an aeronautical license that allows piloting civil aircraft based on the qualifications it possesses . The aeronautics license, is  the “license” to “drive” the aircraft. And just as happens with car licenses, there are several types. English , is the official language of aviation. This is applies to rotary wing aircraft – that is, helicopters – for which there are different types of licenses, identified by the letter ‘H’ (Helicopter).

Private pilot license

It allows those who follow it to fly, for recreational and / or sporting purposes, with the possibility of continuing the training path towards a professional dimension by registering, after, with a  commercial course. The Private Pilot License allows you to pilot the helicopter and transport friends and relatives for the sole purpose of fun. Making, then, flights without any profit. You must be 16 years of age, and be in possession of the psycho-physical fitness certified. The License can not be issued before reaching the age of 17.

Commercial pilot license

It allows the professional activity of pilot-in-command or co-pilot activity. You must be 18 years of age and have passed the 1st class medical examination. The License can not be issued before the age of 21. The “Integrated” Business course is instead intended for those who want to become a professional driver starting from scratch, without having previously obtained any License Read more

Learn to fly helicopter flight schools online