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cars manualAre you a real car enthusiast or do you like to browse the history of old car companies? This is then the article for you. You can find out what is behind the auto logo or who made the first car trip. Ready? Who was the first person to take a car trip? The first person to take a real car trip was a woman. Wife of the man who invented the first car in 1886. On 5 August 1888 she improvised with her two sons a journey of 194 km. When was the first vehicle capable of autonomously moving? The first vehicle able to move independently was built in 1769 and weighed more than 3.5 tons. It was used to tow cannons around the city.

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Travel around the world is fantastic, but doing it with a 100-year-old car model is not the first thing that comes to mind. However, for an enterprising man the idea did not seem so unattainable,  so that in 2012 the journey began. It all started with 22,000 kilometers, ground by Edam (The Netherlands) in Cape Town (South Africa), on board a historic car, complete with an original 3.0-liter petrol engine. As was to be expected, the tour de force put a strain on the old lady, who started showing the first signs of failure at the front wheel. Rght during the first African stage. The small hitch was not enough to stop these bizarre tourists. Who got going again and in 180 days covered the distance of 28,000 kilometers that separated them from the United States and Canada.

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Another six months, and 26,000 km, were served in 2014 to visit South America. Unexpectedly, that same year but on the other side of the ocean, in Belgium, bad luck came back to hit travelers who were involved in an accident with a truck on the highway. Download now the best cars manual Collection Read more