Get paid to test apps | earn money from app

get paid to test apps | earn money from appGet paid to test apps. The web is an inexhaustible source of new possibilities and opportunities. And those who work there, like Bloggers and digital nomads, know it well. Every day we are invaded by new applications, websites and innovative software, so that it is difficult to choose what to use and what to rely on. Usually rely on the reviews of other users, in order to average between the positive and negative ones and get an idea of ​​how the product could work. What is this opportunity. Practically is a community. Its users are people available to test products, apps, websites and Software, which have yet to be launched on the market. The aim is to give companies the necessary feedback to help them understand how to improve the product before it is released on the market.

Make money apps

To be part of it just register on the site Here. You will fill in a form with your personal details, the payment methods required and the computer skills you have. Once registered you can have access to the “missions” and start to get paid to test apps. A very interesting opportunity for those who are passionate about the web: Making money by doing what you love. There are different ways of earning:

– Testing: search for bugs and errors in websites, products and apps. In this case the payment depends on the severity of the detected malfunction.

User experience: use the product, not yet on the market, and give feedback to the manufacturer. After the completion of a questionnaire, there will be the payment of the activity.

–  End to End: test of the entire cycle of a product, from the beginning of the service until the end of use. In addition to earning money without having to move from home, one of the best things about testing app online is that you are part of a community where you can exchange ideas and opinions with other participants Read more

get paid to test apps | earn money from app