Golf program instantly improve your ball striking

golf programStarting to play golf for many may seem something complicated and expensive. But it really is not like that! In the past, golf was definitely an exclusive discipline practiced by a few, but today is a sport for all ages and is within everyone’s reach.To play golf, few lessons are enough and the equipment can be purchased at reasonable prices, also taking advantage of a good second-hand market.

Some key points to start this sports

The Spirit to play golf – Being a golfer is above all a state of mind. The game, in fact, is based on respect for others and the rules in the name of fair play. Sports or game? Golf is a sport and has all the characteristics to be: physical activity, sense of competition, rules to be respected. Objective – The Game of Golf consists in playing a ball with a stick from the starting area up to send it into the “hole” with one or more “blows” executed in accordance with the Rules.

A golf course

Is generally made up of 9 or 18 holes, playing every game on 18 holes. The field consists of the fairway , the extended area consisting of grass shaved in order to make the game of the ball easy. On the sides of the fairway is the rough, which is a very tall grass that makes it difficult to play the ball. The putting green is the air in which the hole is positioned with the flag and in which only the putter can be played. In the field you can find obstacles such as water areas and bunkers, areas of land that make the game more difficult.

Clothing – The “dress code”

For playing golf today is much less formal and rigid than it used to be. Just a simple polo shirt (obligatory collar and half sleeve) combined with trousers or knee-length bermudas for the summer. Instead, jeans or trousers, fuseaux are forbidden. The shoes must have cleats to get the best swing. Equipment – The complete golf bag consists of a maximum of 14 sticks, limit number permitted by the rules. A complete standard bag consists of three woods (the sticks to make more distance), ten irons (with different inclination: the classic irons 6-7-8-9 etc.) and a putter (for the final blows on the green). However, the composition may vary according to its characteristics and age Read more