Graphic templates create high converting sales pages

Graphic templatesSales pages are web pages that concentrate as much as possible all the information necessary to achieve certain objectives. Such as the acquisition of a contact, the sale of a product, or the subscription to a newsletter. They can be used in different web projects, in particular they are one of the most useful solutions in adwertising campaigns where you try to get immediate results. Let’s make a clarification, there is no perfect landing page that fits all Projects. The variables that come into play can be many, in fact change the context, the target and the final goal. However, we can identify some fundamental aspects that it is useful to take into account when planning a sales page.

Capture attention immediately

This discourse is not only valid for sales page, but for all types of web Projects. In fact, we know that a user who surfs the net dedicates little time to every resource he finds. It becomes essential to let him know immediately that he has finished in the right place. The images have a very important role in this phase, the first sense that in fact is put into motion is the visual one. Choose communication images that highlight the particular aspects of what you propose. If you sell holiday packages an image that depicts people in relaxation on a naturalistic background dream is ideal. As well as in the case of legal services the figure of lawyers at the work in one’s own study instills a sense of trust and professionalism. Photos that depict people are more forceful than landscape photos, especially when you can use their gaze to capture attention or drive to the most important parts of the sales page. The direction of a person’s gaze in a photo influences the perception of the web user.¬†Graphic templates easily Read more