Buttocks workout get a rounder firmer stronger BUTT

buttocks workoutWhen we talk about buttocks we are not talking about a single muscle. But a set of muscles whose main action is the extension of the hip. It is good to know this to understand how to perform the best training for a B-side worthy of celebrity. Showing off buttocks high, firm and fit is not just a purely aesthetic goal, but of thehe welfare of the whole body , starting with the correct posture!

The importance of a program

Even if you are a great athlete or just a lover of sport and fitness, it is important to have a fitness program suited to your needs. It is important to follow a personalized workout based not only on your fitness but also on your Lifestyle. The same ‘card’ in fact, can not be adapted to a 25-year-old girl or a woman of 50. Despite (maybe) doing the same job and both are normal-weight. Each of us needs an ad hoc food scheme, just like a personalized training program able to guide from light initial activities up to the most important steps.

A perfect B side

The top exercises? Squats, lunges and swing are the most effective; on the contrary, those with an ‘open kinetic chain’, such as for example, the leaps, are of little use. Applying an overload in the order of a few kilos, doing push-ups behind the thigh where the feet are not in contact with the ground, means not placing any additional load or training the muscle with a much lighter weight than your body weight.

Exercises for the high and low buttocks

Who would not want to show off high and tonic buttocks? A tonic and seductive side B is the goal of many women, especially when the good season arrives. The secret lies in timing (and constancy). With our buttocks workout you will find the perfect buttocks from the comfort of your home Read more