How long does it take to get pregnant after sex

how long does it take to get pregnant after sexHow to get pregnant, let’s see it together . How long take? how long does it take to get pregnant after sex?Are there really effective methods? Everything you need to know about the truths and rumors about conception.

How long does it take to get pregnant

How can we increase the probability of conception? How do we get pregnant as soon as possible? How many possibility of become pregnant? So many truths and rumors surround the subject. Let’s try to make it clear.

How to get pregnant

It’s always useful to repeat it: to get pregnant, you have to make love as often as possible! Because it doesn’t always work: even if the two partners are fertile, the probability of conception (possibility of being pregnant) is 15-20 percent. If you make love without using any contraceptives during the fertile period, you have a 4/6 chance of becoming pregnant. The odds decrease with the age of the partners. So the watchword is: patience!

Truth about getting pregnant

Only one in four couples conceives a child in the month following the interruption of contraception, and two-thirds during the following six months. There is no miracle recipe for becoming pregnant, but leading a healthy life increases the chances of it. Here is a list of truths on the subject: Move to feel fit and in a good mood! Stress is detrimental to the future mother’s well-being (sleep disorders, eating disorders, nervousness) and therefore also to fertility. singing and gentle gymnastics help to breathe with the belly and to release positive energies ,drink a lot of water!

It’s the best way to purify your body avoids pesticides fertility depends very much on age, it’s maximum around 25 years of age. It decreases progressively from the age of 26, then it collapses towards the age of 38. Tobacco reduces fertility in women and causes erection problems in men.
limits alcohol consumption: it is harmful to the fetus and alters fertility
Ask your doctor for advice before taking any medication that may interfere with conception. Obesity and excessive thinness damage fertility.Vitamin B9 or folic acid is good for both the mother-to-be and the foetus.

Fertile period to get pregnant

Ovulation usually takes place on the middle days of the month. Therefore, if, as a rule, 28 days pass between one menstruation and the other, then the fertile period will be the central one, between the 12th and the 17th day of the month. It is a rather large window because, on the one hand, we cannot know the exact day of ovulation, on the other hand, concentrating sexual relations during that week increases the chances of conception because the egg remains fertile for 24-48 hours while the sperm remain in the bloodstream for up to 72 hours.

how long does it take to get pregnant after sex

How long does it take to get pregnant after sex

According to experts, sperm can reach a fallopian tube in about 30 minutes, which means that conception can occur half an hour after a report. In short, you may be pregnant sooner than you think after you have had a relationship, not even the time to get out of bed and finish drinking a glass of water! According to some scientists, conception can happen not only at the same time as sexual intercourse, but it can also happen up to five days later, and maybe even longer. It all depends on how strong sperm is. It manages to survive really long in a favorable environment within the fallopian tubes, patiently waiting for an egg to be released, if it is not already present.

You can get pregnant before the cycle

You can get pregnant at any time of the month. Obviously, fertilisation takes place when there is ovulation and normally ovulation, as we have said, takes place in the middle of the month. But in some cases you may have double ovulation, or you can ovulation before or after. These ovulatory changes are more frequent in women over 35, when there are particular conditions of stress or hormonal abnormalities.

You may become pregnant during the cycle

Also in this case it is not a common fact: during the cycle it is difficult to ovulate and generally it is the least fertile period of the month, however in case of early ovulation or double ovulation it is possible to get pregnant even during menstruation and this is why you should not consider the presence of the menstrual cycle as a contraceptive factor, especially if you are more than 35 years old.

You may become pregnant immediately after the cycle

It is possible to get pregnant both in the last days of menstruation and immediately after, in this case the ovulation will have occurred sooner than expected, probably because of some abnormality or hormonal alteration or related to stress factors and lifestyle.

It is possible to get pregnant on infertile days

If we consider as fertile days those on which ovulation is taking place then it is not possible: for there to be fertilization there must be ovulation. On infertile days there is no fertilizable egg and therefore conception cannot take place. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate the relationships in the fertile period and there are some signs that we can grasp that make us understand that we are ovulating: the breast is more taut, the cervical mucus is abundant and flowing. Furthermore, we can measure the basal temperature of our body and monitor it for a few months: near ovulation, the basal temperature rises slightly.

Advice from mothers on getting pregnant

Here’s some advice from mom to prospective mom to get pregnant:

take care of your lifestyle, don’t smoke, don’t overdo it with coffee and alcohol and follow a healthy and varied Diet;
exercise and keep fit;
monitor your ovulation to identify the most fertile days and concentrate relationships on those days;
possibly buy an ovulation monitoring stick that will tell you when the fertile period is;
do not stress yourself or your partner with anxiety: do not make the pregnancy a fixed nail.

Symptoms of conception

Within 30 hours of conception, the zygote is transformed into an embryo and the number of cells doubles more and more: after three days the embryo consists of about 16 cells and its shape is similar to that of blackberry. Within six days the embryo has about 100 cells, reaches the uterus and is implanted by sticking to the endometrium, where it will remain for the next 38 weeks. What are the symptoms that may occur in this first week?

Here are 10:

-increased appetite
-breast tension and swelling
-annoyance to certain types of odours
-increased sensitivity and irritability
-back pain
-odourless whitish leaks
-slight blood loss, called plant leakage.

how long does it take to get pregnant after sex