How to attract a Cancer woman | Powerful & Proven Tips

how to attract a Cancer womanHow to attract a Cancer woman ? Let’s be clear. Let’s go have an evening with friends on a hot summer evening. Suddenly we find in front of us a wonderful girl who almost bewitches us with her incredible beauty. And here in us immediately triggers the desire to go and meet her, but we do not know how to do ,why we notice that it is difficult to SEDUCE. Most of the time we happened to find a person of this sign and unfortunately we have failed. So we are asking ourselves: How to attract a Cancer woman? Don’t worry , with perseverance and determination we will be able to get to the heart of our beloved. We must know that her armor is very thick, but gradually we will be able to penetrate into it.

How to attract a Cancer woman: Character

The cancer woman is a very special person who will allow us to live a real adventure. But in order not to make a mistake in our approach, we need  some information to surprise her, as it will not be a walk in the park at all. Although it may seem strange, she is a very vulnerable, ANXIOUS, elegant, feminine person, she believes in the principles of the family, she manages to fascinate and sometimes she is moody. So, How to attract a Cancer woman? We must try to exalt her femininity since it is mainly influenced by the Moon. For this very reason we can find rivals because she is a very courted woman; one more reason to make things difficult for us.

How to attract a Cancer woman: useful tips

Attract a Cancer woman. As already mentioned, we can make a cancer woman fall into our arms, right from the first appointments, but need to act calmly. For this reason, when a relationship begins, she lives her love in a serious and lasting way; she is not a person who accepts to live a relationship of less importance. Moreover, need to try to be very patient and, above all, to get used to his suspicion. Before embarking on this adventure, he chooses the person who will be next to her because he thinks it is the right one for her. So if we just want to point to a factor of intimacy, we certainly won’t go much further.

All we need to do to win her over, is give her confidence and security. If we do not want an important story we need to seduce another woman, the cancer woman, is used to make plans with her beloved such as thinking about the MARRIAGE! Let’s not make him understand that we are people worthless, but serious person , we may decide to play a part in order to make us special in his eyes (although is do not recommend ). To do this last thing we need to be really good ACTORS, otherwise we forget about it. Most of the time he chooses people who show him that they have authority and, at the same time, make decisions much more firmly. Let’s play at this point, or on his insecurities, so that we can pierce his ‘armor’.

Make sure that you are good listeners and try to find solutions to his problems. We need to become her stick that will support her in a difficult time and will not leave her lonely . One thing that must never be missing for sure is romance. The Cancer woman loves to be pampered and especially appreciates, the gestures of the past, when the man was dressed as a real knight for his woman. For this reason the relationship should never miss the gallantry and romance because they are two fundamental elements not to be overlooked. To make her feel important, we congratulate her on her beauty or on her dress she is wearing.

how to attract a Cancer woman

She must be our queen and that’s why when we go out for dinner we must open the door of the car, make her sit at the table, pour him the wine and anything else romantic can exist! In case we decide to go and see a movie, we choose a tear-jerking movie , she will appreciate it. The first release will be decisive in the future of our probable love story. So let’s take her to some romantic restaurant, maybe overlooking the sea and admiring the Moon. Let’s try not to be too shameless and above all to behave too abruptly. Let’s not make her jealous, so let’s make sure we don’t talk about our ex-girls, but to shift our attention to her. Despite this, attract a Cancer woman will be the best decision we’ve ever made in our lives!

Is it possible to win back a Cancer woman?

Need to get used, to her being so possessive and try not to disappoint her expectations otherwise they will be trouble. Unfortunately, she does not forget the past and, above all, the wrongs she has suffered , she will not want to suffer them a second time, so regaining her will be really tiring. If she wanted to close the story is because we did something very wrong with her. In fact, it’s his custom, despite the fact that things are not going well, to continue to be together with his partner. We don’t try to win his heart by pulling out the weapon of jealousy!

All we have to do is give new emotions, all those that have made her fall in love with us. Surely she won’t immediately let herself go, however, with some time, will decide again to return to our arms. Let’s try not to make a mistake and make her live a spectacular love: every day must be like the first. The Cancer woman lets herself be loved in all her essence, even if sometimes she can be too jealous. But let’s make sure we keep our balance! How to attract a Cancer woman? This is not going to be a very simple undertaking. If she had succeeded in bewitching our hearts, it certainly won’t take us long to reach our goal. We live our lives, sharing them with our beloved. Ready for this adventure? Don’t worry, it takes calm and cold blood!


The Cancer woman is dominated by the moon planet, and this gives her femininity and fragility. The techniques that are too direct and aggressive with her do not work. She is potentially a perfect mother, brought to those in need and scrupulous in taking care of the details of her clothing and home. To impress her, give importance to details: everything that is too unkempt will drive her away irreparably. Usually the Cancer woman is very sensitive , so you must be careful to avoid criticism that could hurt her. She must be courted constantly, a bit like the old-fashioned way. The typical Cancer is not seduced by jewelry or expensive objects, prefers small things, but given with the heart and feeling. She is a woman who tends to be jealous, but without showing it openly. Always be sincere, but delicate, and always make her understand that you only care about her.

Competition does not stimulate her, but, it depresses her and her anxiety. A polite and kind attitude, accompanied by small thoughts, is the right key to enter the heart of the Cancer woman. Another thing to keep in mind: generally she is very attached to her family of origin, and will be favorably impressed by a man who proves amiable with his parents and siblings. In sex, cancer is a passionate lover, but she only gives herself when she trusts. At that point, she reveals an unexpected sensuality, rich in imagination and creativity. Again, the lover who knows how to be delicate and affectionate will have the pleasure of enjoying so much passion until that latent moment. An evening at home, with music and a well-prepared dinner, or a romantic film at the cinema are the best ways to start the story on the right way. To keep a Cancer woman, you must always be close to her, never forget an anniversary, make her understand that she can count on you. If she feels neglected or misunderstood, she will run away with her legs up!