How to attract a Gemini man | getting him to fall in love

how to attract a gemini manHow to attract a Gemini man? Let’s be clear. Gemini are the most sparkling zodiac sign and where there are them it means that there is joy. They are good friends, always sunny and smiling partner but, in private life, they change slightly to become one of the most difficult men to attract. However, it is not impossible to capture his attention and even his heart, but you need to arm yourself with patience and an engaging mind, just like his. The first rule to attract a Gemini man isĀ  to “take him by the head”.

The intellectual aspect is fundamental to establish a deep understanding with this man who will surprise you, not only for his loquacity, but also for the property of language, the great and brilliant intelligence and his cultural preparation. The Gemini man is in fact driven by an unstoppable curiosity and desire to know new cultures and new people continuously, and this leads him to love TRAVEL and to leave with great frequency. This should already make you understand that to attract a Gemini man must be a woman ready and still a sort of “all-rounder”, to keep up with his vast knowledge.

Speaking of knowledge you will realize that she is always in step with the times and attracted by all that is new and that is interesting . Very easily you could meet a Gemini man who has professions ranging from computer science, teacher, journalist, politician, or all those JOBS that have to do with communication and contact with people. That’s why you need to suitcase always ready, and him don’t like organization, you may find yourself on a plane without even having had time to get your TOOTHBRUSH. He is attracted by the unpredictable, by what happens without any programming and by surprise.

Surprise him

There is no need to think of something amazing, but only to contextualize what is outside the box and what can happen in your RELATIONSHIP. Whatever it is that he does not expect, will be a welcome surprise for him that could move and excite him. Don’t aim at sensationalism, but be yourself, if you cheat, cant’ hide it from him. His intelligence is able to look at your eyes and be sure that nothing escapes him.

He is very often described as a superficial person, but if he enters into the perspective of an important relationship will make you the protagonist of his love, especially if it will be the subject of your attention, even small. The woman who wants to attract a Gemini man must arm herself with patience to keep his pace, but also not to get tired and run the risk of “running out” before the conquest took place. If you think about it, it all depends on your character and a woman who loves tranquility and routine is not the right one for a Gemini.

What to do

Let’s say that the right woman for him is the one who supports him, but do not overdo it, who supports him, but then leaves him only when he has found his way, is the one who stands as confident but without being intrusive. Another key word in the relationship with a Gemini man is freedom. It seems a nonsense thinking about the bond that is established between two people, but you need to be very careful, not to limit it in any way and already this gesture of great altruism will open the doors of his heart. By freedom we do not mean to let him free to betray you, but to learn to trust him, a man who loves his woman can hardly fall into the arms of another.

In the same way, the Gemini man cannot stand jealousy, especially the unjustified one that throws him into despair and disappoints him. Probably his great spirit of freedom suffers and would be saddened. On the other hand, do not think that he is not able to give or that he is selfish and tends only to be ready to receive love. A Gemini man in love knows how to gratify his woman, loves to exalt her and knows how to make her feel like the queen of his heart. She will surprise you, she will make you feel like a protagonist and with him you will never be bored, she loves to involve you in her passions and get to know yours. The irony and sympathy will always accompany you, even in serious moments and, when it comes to being close to you, will be present in a discreet and tangible.

A Gemini man may seem not very serious, superficial and elusive, but you might be surprised if it is love. To attract a Gemini man, will not be long if you hit the target, he is not famous for being a reflective type, even if he likes to think a lot. He may in fact decide to start a story in a few days, maybe hours, but its being unpredictable, is an attitude that should not surprise you. A Gemini man loves women with a pinch of mystery, never reveal everything immediately and who can keep him on the rope just enough to tease his being always sparkling and lively. You will notice that when he is in a group he is the person for whom attention is focused for his ability to win everyone over with his dialectic.

How to attract a Gemini man? Relationship

Never giving in to his need to play a leading role, and not having days when you are dark and do not want to talk. It is not an attitude that the Gemini man can appreciate, especially if it is prolonged, he is like the sun at noon and likes to be pampered. He needs little to be happy, but also to fall into sadness, so do not mind if he changes his mood suddenly, it will not last long anyway. Speaking of duration, in most cases the Gemini man is not considered suitable for marriage and children, but it may not always be so. His energy leads him to be loved by children and, if he can share his responsibilities with a woman , maybe he will become the best of husbands.