How to attract a Gemini woman | Gemini woman in love

how to attract an Aquarius womanHow to attract a Gemini woman? Let’s be clear. A Gemini woman has a natural charm and is a perfect communicator. Without a doubt, Gemini is able to overcome every challenge of life.A Gemini woman adapt to any situation. So how to attract a Gemini woman? The typical Gemini woman is frightened if she considers you too “stressful” and if she feels forced into a RELATIONSHIP.  Instead, she is  impressed by a fluid dialectic, a good oratory and a well-modulated voice tone. Physically, Gemini shun everything that is trivial, obvious: an original haircut or a personalized look will sure strike her attention.

She is a woman who works with her mind. To seduce her physically, you first need to do it MENTALLY. Try to offer her a visit to a museum that no one knows, or watching an independent movie, or surprise her with fun evenings. The classic dinner can make you friends, but not lovers! The Gemini woman loves novelty. She can live without sex, but if she decide to indulge herself, she expects special games, artfully created atmospheres and a partner who knows how to intrigue her. Usually she is a very unconventional woman, she will not be upset knowing that she has entered into a relationship with a married man .

But she is very jealous in other ways: if when she speaks she realizes that she will not be heard, her interest will fall, and it is impossible to recover it. The Gemini woman are rather egocentric. If you’re looking for a woman to stand by you in silence, forget about it. She wants to be noticed, to strike attention. And to seduce her you need to laugh at her jokes and show that you find her brilliant. She accepts criticism, but only if it is based on  evidence. As mentioned, she is mentally analytical . If you’re original, fun and brilliant you’ll have a good chance. And once conquered, you may feel lucky to have such an person next to you.

How to attract a Gemini woman: what to do

The Gemini woman loves romance . At first glance this information can be daunting, don’t worry. The Gemini woman takes time to “compare” her suitors and choose the one she considers most interesting. Do you want to become the right man for her? The adjectives listed below reflect the qualities that ideal partner . Read and try to improve in every aspect. Funny: Are you a nice man and loves to have fun ? Then you are definitely his ideal type. The Gemini woman loves to have fun and is strongly attracted by men who enjoy a sense of humor.

Smart and brilliant: The Gemini woman has a brilliant mind. She prefers the intellectual aspect by far over the aesthetic one. Adventurous: Do you prefer total weekend relaxation to a last minute trip? It’s time to pack your bags. The Gemini woman is attracted by adventurous men, especially when you have the opportunity to TRAVEL and discover new things. Ambitious: Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit or are you satisfied with your part-time work? Be careful. Gemini woman doesn’t care if you own a villa by the sea, but she loves men who define life’s goals and work hard to achieve them.

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How to attract a Gemini woman: what not to do

After analyzing the characteristics that an ideal partner should have, we move on to the opposite side. If you want to understand how to attract a Gemini woman, you need carefully read this point. Possessive: If you have a strong possession of the people/things you love, then is strongly advised to give up on everything. The Gemini woman does not allow anyone to trample on her freedom. Introvert nature: A woman madly in love with adventure will never get along with a shy man. There is no need for special explanations: abandon your comfort zone for a few days. You don’t need to fight with your bare hands : you just need to take her to new places and make her try new adventures.

How to attract a Gemini woman

It’s not a difficult task to catch her attention, she’s the one who’s always on the lookout. It’s easier, as long as you’re Gemini man, for her to take the first step by presenting herself in an easy way. In short, she solved the problem by description of herself, her habits and her interests! She is a woman who, in addition to speaking with spontaneity, looks at you carefully, evaluating what she can get interesting even from your dressed! Rarely Gemini woman is attracted by man with dazzling beauty and a nice look. Never completely satisfied with her appearance, she prefers to be in front of simple people. Keep this in mind. Flirts and gives her attention. The Gemini woman loves to flirt and loves those who devote special attention .

Whatever you want to do, look for your own style. Be a romantic: Statistically , not every woman in the world likes to be conquered with a bunch of red roses. The first appointments and talk on social networks are very useful to understand what she likes. A girl likes dark chocolate, another girl likes milk chocolate, go straight to the point! Listen every word. Are you going to become her partner? Then open your ears. The Gemini woman loves to talk. The best way to attract her ? To ‘go out’ with appropriate observations. Keep in mind that to attract a Gemini woman, you need to work day after day. Give her as much time as possible and never be satisfied. As long as you give her “something new” every day, she will stay faithful to your love.

Gemini and jealousy

This sign does not know jealousy , has no idea what is being possessive. Moreover, she respect the freedom of others. It does not force the partner, it respects his personality . Moreover, he considers jealousy a foolish feeling that would create problems and worries… unnecessary suffering! It is not by putting the partner in a cage that we ensure his loyalty, but through trust and respect. He knows well that love is a conquest ! If he is betrayed, he does not “lower” himself to pitiful scenes of jealousy.