How to attract a Leo man | Make a Leo man fall for you

how to attract a Leo manHow to attract a Leo man? Let’s be clear. Sooner or later it happened for all. Even the most sceptical, rational, to formulate the fateful question: What is your sign? There are those who believe in it, those who adopt an agnostic attitude, those who turn up their noses.

No matter what class we belong to, this feeling enchants us and often we turn to heaven asking: How to attract a Leo man? Our attention to the stars and planets is more, especially when a man begins to make us beat his heart. We begin to wish that our destiny with him is written in the stars.

Scepticism or not, it has happened to all to notice how certain men resemble each other to share the same sign of the zodiac. If some aspects of the personality are equal in men, according to the sign, why not adopt a strategy trusting in the planets? Let’s discover in detail how to attract the most regal man of the zodiac: the Leo man!

Characteristics of the sign

Some characteristics of a zodiac sign change from man to woman. However, it is also true that these are minimal changes. People born under the sign of Leo (from 23 July to 22 August), are characterized by certain aspects easily recognizable by other people.

The astronomical element under which lions were born is the Sun, their season is summer. Elements that govern and illuminate their lives. Those born under this sign are vital people, full of energy, solar, expansive.

They shine and stand out among others, they are proud and with natural tendencies. Despite their innate propensity for supremacy, they are still very generous people who work for others.

Character of Leo man

We can already see it in nature, looking at the behavior of the animal (lion). In a herd of lions, it is the lioness who is in charge. It is the lioness, in fact, who procures the food for the pack and who defends the offspring.

The lion, on the contrary, holds small roles. It only takes action when its leader status is threatened by another male. Like the big cats, the Leo man, compared to the woman, is less aggressive, more reflective and diplomatic.

The character of the sign, which are all too instinctive, are less instinctive in the Leo man, in fact, compared to a woman of the same sign, the man lets himself be “tamed” more easily.

How to attract a Leo man

If the man we fell in love, is a Leo man, he’s bound to have some talent. From art to COOKING to SPORT. A Leo man must necessarily excel in something (they are very competitive). To win him over, let’s take an honest interest in his talent.

Be careful, let’s not fill him with false compliments (he immediately notices and get annoyed), on the contrary, let’s give him a few compliments but true ones. Behind his expansiveness and joy (a lion is usually the clown of the group, the one with whom everyone always has fun), the lion man can sometimes hide insecurity and shyness.

Let’s listen to him, never take him for granted. Let’s not entrust him with the label of “sunny person” or “strong person” but let’s slowly discover him and let’s be amazed by the other sides of his character. In his eyes, we will be special people who have managed to go beyond the “majestic mane”.

The Leo man think that he is a special person among all. So he will recognize us as his fellow and he will be ours.

Play a little with him

To make him fall in love, you need sensitivity and patience. Never show ourselves weak. The Leo man like desiring! Let’s shoot for 2 or 3 days, pretend that we are busy.

Every time we spend time with him, he will feel honored and chosen. “I cancelled a commitment to come to dinner with you”, “I received another hundred messages, but I am responding only to you”, a few phrases of this type and will take the bait.


To attract a Leo man, let’s summarize some simple strategies. Arming ourselves with a lot of patience, the Leo man likes to play cat and mouse. He loves the dynamics of seduction in which nothing is ever taken for granted. So let’s stand up to him, we’re always lively, imaginative, mysterious and besides chasing him, let’s encourage him to chase us!

Another fundamental point, arm ourselves with listening skills. Let’s listen deeply to him and let him show himself for what is really beyond his masks. Let’s appreciate it, let’s love it but without ever suffocating it. Be careful, the Leo man is a fiery lover, he gives us all his heart, but to keep him tied to us we must not make him understand it.

Our love and our attention to him need constancy, but never overwhelming, otherwise he will tire and we can easily lose him. To attract and hold a Leo man, keep in mind these words: “In tango, as in love, you are called and rejected. What saves us is knowing the rhythm of contradiction”.