How to attract a Scorpio man | Scorpio Man in love

how to attract a Scorpio manHow to attract a Scorpio man? Let’s be clear. The Scorpio man embodies the stereotype of the irresistible bad boy. Simple tricks will help you to attract the Scorpio man. The Scorpio is one of the most complicated signs of the zodiac. Those born under this astral sign (from October 22 to November 22) are governed by the planet Mars (war, struggle, virility) but far from being a sign of fire or earth, they find their element in the water. The Scorpio, therefore, hides in itself forces such as struggle and calm, fire and water. For this reason, they are people who are difficult to understand , irritable, mysterious, reserved and rational.

How to attract a Scorpio man: Character

Well, you need to arm yourself with cunning, patience and roll up your sleeves, it will not be easy. The Scorpio man is first of all one of the most reserved people you will ever know in life. To be clear, he’s probably one of those guys who doesn’t have SOCIAL profile. He uses alternative chat methods, on his PC he has Linux installed instead of the usual Windows, etc.. He protects his private life. Sometimes it may seem exaggerated , but you should not be discouraged.  She will be one of those people who use very complicated passwords for every access or device.

They won’t appear in the photos: “Delete this photo, you took me by mistake in the background” (unless you ever publish them on social media!). They will use false names, a false age; in short, at the beginning they won’t even tell you where they live exactly. Knowing a Scorpio man will be like opening one puzzle. Only after a series of riddles, mysteries, you can reach who he really is and let him open his heart (and it will be worth it). Its discretion, however, instills confidence. For sure, he will use the same discretion with you as he does to himself.

This means that you can confess anything to him, the most intimate and disparate confidences; there is no doubt, he will keep the secret. Falling in love with a Scorpio man, then, is like venturing into a treasure hunt made up of riddles and clues until you reach his heart. But if, on one side, the Scorpio man is mysterious, on the other side, it could sometimes appear as an irritable person. Escape from the Scorpio man if you are a sensitive woman, empathic and touchy. The Scorpio, in fact, to test , does not fail to express negative judgments, make cruel observations as if he had a heart of stone, but that’s what attracts you, right?

How to attract a Scorpio man: Love

Incredible but true, the scorpion man in love will never make you regret being in love with him. At first it will seem that he has changed completely. The extreme change in the attitude of the Scorpio man in love, is still part of his personality. At first, he will seem to you just a bad boy, a kind of person to stay away from because he cannot show his feelings. Before the stage of falling in love, in fact, sometimes will be even a boorish man with his jokes about your physical appearance. Answer with self-irony, don’t let yourself be hurt, it’s not what he wants.

how to attract a Scorpio man

On the one side, then, it will look like a boorish man; on the other side, it will torment you with psychological tricks, for example: does it invite you to a dinner ? In any case, he will specify that he has only done so because he has canceled another commitment, or if he gives you a gift, he will make it look like it happened by chance. These attitudes, which could be interpreted as negative or symptoms of disinterest, are all evidence that he is giving you. Being a man with a sensitive inner universe, he chooses well the people to trust. Before trusting, the Scorpio man wants to understand if you are up to it, only then will he give you the precious keys to his soul.

How to attract a Scorpio man: Attitude

Once you win all of his tests, the Scorpio will show you his hidden side. The Scorpio man in love is sweet, lovable, kind, a faithful partner on whom you can always count, to whom you can tell everything without feeling judged.
Once in love, he will try to go beyond his fears, he will do everything to please you even if something is wrong, he will become more diplomatic and willing to make a thousand compromises to see you happy.

The Scorpio man in love, changes his attitude and gives himself completely. A love of this kind does not leave you indifferent and you will notice it. But how do you realize it? As soon as you see an attitude or behavior that makes you think, “What is wrong with him?” then you will be on the right path for his heart, you made him fall madly in love (because a Scorpio man can only fall madly in love, every story of his, when it begins, is the story of his life.

Understand if a Scorpio man is interested

You can understand if a Scorpio man is interested in you when he starts to “look” . For example in a group outing with friends, you’ll notice that will look more in your direction. Even if he does not speak to you at the beginning. The seductive and intense look of the Scorpio man will capture you. After this first phase of glances (he want to understand if he can approach you), he will begin to speak with you, but always with ironic and indecipherable attitude.

In this preliminary phase of a possible future falling in love, the Scorpio man will never take a position. He likes to keep on his toes. Sometimes may you just want a friendship because with his jokes seems to despise you, however, continues to seek you. He’ll walk around you until he reaches you. If the Scorpio man were not interested, for sure he would ignore you or would not bother to exchange his phone number.

Amaze a Scorpio man

Distinguish yourself from the other women you’ve met or might meet in your life. Don’t press him if he doesn’t want to reveal something about himself at first. Keep your curiosity at bay and never ask questions. As you approach him, try to imitate him. Imitate his cruel irony, his apparent indifference. Surprise him by trying to get closer to him by understanding his vision of life.

Download any niche messaging app he uses, so as to point out that his lifestyle is important to you and how you respect him. Offer him out of the box activities. Take him to a review of Japanese movies in black and white, or to a “dinner in the dark” to try a new, mysterious experience and turn on the other senses apart from the sight.

Scorpio man and jealousy

The jealousy that infects the Scorpio, is mental: it wants the submission of the partner in a RELATIONSHIP. Thoughts, secrets, desires are the exclusive product that Scorpio has established with his sweetheart.The idea that even one of these aspects can be transferred to someone else makes him jealous! Avoid saying that you had an exchange of ideas with an interesting person .You would unleash all the jealousy. If he turns into a jealous being, he becomes dangerous. Revenge is a typical reaction of the sign. A Scorpio man doesn’t know what forgiveness is! The love and trust he gives his partner are important to be despised by betrayal. The deeper the feeling, the more ruthless the revenge.


Passionate and mysterious, evil and reserved, Scorpio man is difficult to understand, but once you understand the code to interpret them will be faithful lovers. When the Scorpion loves, he gives his all, and he asks you to do the same. Respect his need for privacy, don’t ask too much about his life, always amaze him with found outside the box to keep alive his interest, otherwise he will return to be airtight and contemptuous.