How to attract a Taurus man | Taurus man in love

how to attract a Taurus manHow to attract a Taurus man? Let’s be clear. The Taurus is certainly the most sensual and passionate sign of the Zodiac. The domicile of Venus in this sign makes him profoundly attentive to emotional RELATIONSHIPS, making him consider love as one of the essential goals of existence. The Taurus gives himself totally, without any words or rethinking: affectionate and sensitive, he knows how to give his partner a precise and clear feeling of security. The way in which he manifests his feelings reflects his reflective nature: not at all impetuous and reckless, he throws himself into an emotional relationship only when he is sure of himself and of the feelings of the partner.

Relationships generally last a long time and in some cases will last… for a lifetime! Tauruses of both sexes are affectionate and constant lovers, without inhibitions and taboos; they know how to enjoy contact with being loved in a simple and natural way, without adopting morbid or twisted attitudes. When a Taurus takes a road with a person, he proceeds with commitment and a sense of responsibility. So, step by step, one builds emotional security thanks to his great gift of perseverance. The sincere affections, the family and the solid material certainty, are for the Taurus reason of personal pride and make it, in the end, a sign that he really knows how to enjoy life!

How to attract a Taurus man: relationship of couple

The love for the Taurus man is a serious matter: only in moments of despair could he let himself go to adventures of the “physical” type. Generally the choice of a partner is a task that requires seriousness and great commitment. Once the ideal partner has been found, the Taurus considers it irreplaceable and, of course, demands the same. As a principle, his couple is not open to anyone: in most cases, the couple scheme he prefers is the traditional one with very specific roles, with obligations and tasks attributed “by nature” to the man and woman.

There is, however, a clarification to be made to the concept of “indissolubility” of the couple: the Taurus demands it from the partner, but he can grant himself an exception in the event that he himself suffers the “call of the senses”! Definitely got a lot of charm. When you meet him, you often want to put an end to your research. Possessing himself a character in some ways “feminine”, he knows how to exalt in a woman his best part. He considers himself by nature the pivot of the couple and makes a duty to support the material and economic obligations. It is particularly traditionalist, little inclined, for congenital possessiveness, to leave the partner autonomy.

How to attract a Taurus man

First of all, we must adopt the tactic of sweetness: with the impetuosity you risk to put fear on him! You need to be very patient with his attention, considering his slowness: it can take even weeks! You’ll come to the point of asking yourself if you’ve actually been noticed and if he really likes you: when you’re exhausted, you’ve erased him from your mind… he’ll notice you! But how do you get his attention the first time? How to attract a Taurus man? Remember the Taurus man, on weekdays, is at work: a rule without exception! Having said that, the first step is to go and look for him directly in the workplace: it is a very delicate task, he hates to be diverted from his practices : but when you are there make sure to turn around several times, and pretend to stumble … for sure will offer a hand to get up and you will get the opportunity to “break the ice”!

How to attract a Taurus man: secrets to seduce him…

. Praise his apartment, the choice of colors and the style of the furniture. Tell him that the house he lives in is a mirror of his beauty.
. Regularly take a walk along the hedges of his garden, and ask him the secret of how he manages to grow his plants in the apartment with such vigor… he likes the idea that you can have a green thumb!
. Tell him frankly that you would be interested in learning how to fish: 9 out of 10 Taurus are practically experts. So you can spend an entire afternoon with him at the pond!
. Seduce him in a red suit and underneath… Strictly red linen! When they say that the Bull attacks the red…
. Always remember that it is a man who must be conquered sexually! So, no inhibitions or taboos!

How to attract a Taurus man: Jealousy

In the excess of passion and sensuality the Taurus, is very jealous! During his affective experience, he will hardly admit that he has been capable of great scenes of reckless jealousy and without any real foundation. Statistically, is the sign most subject to this feeling, it is easy and natural given its possessive character. With a Taurus there is no need for concrete facts because his jealousy is moved simply by the fear of losing his partner: when he is in love, he goes so far as to consider the other in an obsessive way, as if he were his exclusive property.

From this comes the insecurity that generates jealousy: the only idea that someone can put their eyes, or worse, their hands on those they love, makes them irascible! Jealousy is the biggest problem you have to face with a Taurus man.The Taurus in love is faithful , and imagine that everyone is like that: for this reason he does not digest betrayals! In case he feels betrayed or deceived, he will remain very bad and can get to manifest his furious anger with tremendous scenes!

How to attract a Taurus man: Sexuality

Physical love is in the first place among the needs of the sign: he considers it as a primary need, just like pleasure for good FOOD. Those born in this sign need to feel and express their feelings through the senses: it is for this reason that Tauruses seduce and conquer themselves especially through sex. The comfort of the sign is also expressed in the logistical choice of where to make love: even a field of flowers can go well, but always with the comfort of a soft blanket! In bed, he can express his feelings in the best way: he is a tireless and generous lover.

For the Taurus man, both the “before” and the “during” are very important: don’t skimp on your performance and don’t get tired if, after the first act, he looks at you again with a desire to start over. The Taurus, as said, behaves with sex in the same way as with food. He likes to enjoy it calmly and thoroughly… or rather, given his physical endurance, he can indulge in the encore or more… involving his partner in a feast of the senses that can last all night long…

How to attract a Taurus man: marriage

It all depends on the age: if he is very young, and  very enthusiastic, talk about the house that you can build together. If she is a few years older, become an integral part of her habit with great discretion. Remember that, young or old, he will never marry instinctively! Is also able to inquire about your financial situation and if you are able to actively contribute to the family budget. Once married, he will devote himself body and soul to the welfare of the family and, on a material level, you will not miss anything! He may only ask you for a divorce, if is not sexually satisfied enough: so no HEADACHE or workday STRESS! Incredibly, the opposite can also happen: many Tauruses have a tendency to “fall asleep” in marriage and are even surprised when the partner, tired of being considered a knick-knack, establishes an extra-marital relationship.


The main rule that you should always consider for the Taurus man, is the constant need for physical relationships, which should never decrease in quantity or quality. Remember that the Taurus is astrologically a fixed sign: decisive and stubborn that does not like to be contradicted. It will be necessary to give it decision-making space, otherwise you would risk starting a fight already lost at the beginning! Eliminate any brutal attitude from your behaviour. Impose yourself with the tactic of sweetness, which has the effect of handcuffing him! So…

. Respect his habits, his schedules, especially those for lunch and dinner. Do not make any changes without first asking him.
. Do not impose your points of view in an imperative way. It will depend very much on how you say things to him: using tact and diplomacy, you may lead him to believe that the decisions are his, while it was you who actually examined them.
. Introduce him to your friends with caution: he has an exclusivist character and has great difficulty in accepting all those who are outside his circle of friendships.
. Make plans for living together and discuss how to invest your earnings together.
. Never talk about your previous sentimental experiences: it’s jealous of them! You could trigger a reaction that would make him lose sight of the present!