How to attract a Taurus woman | Get her to fall in love

how to attract a Virgo womanHow to attract a Taurus woman? Let’s be clear. You fell madly in love and don’t know how to attract a Taurus woman? Before seducing a Taurus woman , let’s first of all see what are its priorities and how to get into his graces.

What to do

When you come across a Taurus woman, the first thing you notice about her is her great emotional strength, she is able to handle even the most difficult problems without spilling a single tear. Although she has a very strong character, you should not forget that she is first a woman, even if she is very serious and free of any kind of stingy attitude. A Taurus woman has no desire to dominate her partner, she loves to leave him to manage, and is what she secretly desires, despite her apparent harshness.

So remember that the first step to take to attract a Taurus woman is to appear to his eyes safe, determined and proactive. In fact, she loves the proposals that tease and surprise her: an unexpected invitation to dinner, an unscheduled weekend, a bouquet of flowers not related to an anniversary. The Taurus woman is almost always pleasant in appearance and full of sex appeal that cares since adolescence, so she loves that a man appreciates this side of his personality, but be careful because his provocative clothing and its often bursting curves, do not want to be a sexual invitation, but a teenage erotic provocation.

The Taurus woman loves to tell episodes from her childhood, so the man who wants to win her over, must absolutely be a good listener. Do not be fooled by the innocent conversations of women belonging to this sign of the zodiac, you will be easily fascinated by the Taurus woman, her tastes and her bursting eroticism, but her conservative nature will tend not to let you leave her behind.

how to attract a Virgo woman


Make compliment to the Taurus woman from the beginning. Those who belong to this sign can recognize hypocrisy by a simple smile; therefore, make sure that all adulations are really felt. Taurus women love the partner’s pleasure, and often spend most of the day preparing for the evening. Treat the Taurus woman as a pleasure for the eyes. Taurus women are traditionalist in their feelings and a little possessiveness will put pride in your “conquest”.  The motto of the Taurus sign is “I own” and this concern every person in his sphere of influence.

At the same time, don’t be so limited as to become masters. Too much attention can lead to the refractory side of the personality of the Taurus woman. Show off your body if you are well made. Taurus women are creatures of the flesh and there is nothing more attractive than bare, soft skin and MUSCLE toned and scented with the natural smell of the epidermis. Let the Taurus woman take her moments of privacy in dressing and settling in. They love, beauty rituals and are not able to take their eyes away from what attracts them.Bring her a super soft blanket on which to lay her down and gently touch her. Light KISSES behind the neck or between the neck and shoulder will give her the creeps.

Learn to cook

A connoisseur’s lunch will work wonders. Being able to cook shows an ability to take it to heart; in addition, it recalls the highly marked sensuality of this sign. Find out what they love and put it on the list. Don’t be too exotic as Taurus women don’t want to be overly impressed by the overly sought-after cuisine. Taurus women can be easily influenced by the throat. Serve desserts , preferably with the right hand. If you just can’t make a dinner without burning the kitchen, order a fabulous banquet from a nearby restaurant and serve it by candlelight.

Show her your skills. Artistic talent has a very strong influence on the Taurus woman. The Venusian influence conveys a real love for the arts. Any inclination towards SINGING, dancing or other artistic expression affects the Taurus woman. Her romantic vein leads her to dream of wanting to be a muse, so show her that her presence is able to stimulate or inspire. So, act for her, in private. The gestures of ostentation will be seen as vulgar and are better suited to the Leo woman.