How to attract an aquarius man | How to attract love

how to attract an aquarius manHow to attract an Aquarius man? Let’s be clear. Creative, independent and very dynamic, the Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) is a winter sign of the zodiac. Characterized by an open and very expansive mentality, the men of the sign are characterized by a strong tension to great ideals, as well as by a strong social spirit. They are experienced suitors and lovers of experimentation, but they do not appreciate their suffocating partners, nor their overly ordinary relationships. Before talking extensively about the characteristics of the sign, however, it is necessary to specify that it is not only the Sun that determines the peculiarities of a person, but also the position of the other planets at birth. For this reason, among different individuals of Aquarius, there may be some very significant differences: it will be useful, therefore, to calculate the birth chart.

Characteristics of the sign

Aquarius is a zodiac sign of Air, with fixed quality and governed by the planet Uranus. Characterized by a great imagination, as well as a passion for the great themes of life, this sign is the focus of the winter season. Although it may initially seem cold and detached, just like this season, it is actually a sign that prepares and stimulates change, like the prodigal land of fruits under the blanket of snow. Extremely independent and capable of providing for itself, Aquarius fascinates for its ability to think in the abstract, for its openness to new things and the unknown, for the continuous tension for improvement not only personally, but also in society as a whole.

On the relational front, the Aquarius may seem initially distracted and not very attentive to the qualities of the partner. The sign, in fact, does not like to give up its spaces of independence and, above all, is not easily won over by trivial attention or by the excesses. Once this first obstacle has been overcome, however, one will find oneself faced with one of the most intriguing representatives of the zodiac: Aquarius is not afraid to open itself up, to love, and to reinforce a love every day by introducing ever new and innovative elements into the RELATIONSHIP. On the other hand, on the creative front, those born in Aquarius are unrivalled and the attention to change and revolutions is their workhorse. A fact, this, determined by the leadership of the creative and reforming planet par excellence: Uranus. In the family, Aquarius will be able to keep the foundations of the core stable, not only by finding innovative methods to solve the most varied problems, but also by respecting and leaving plenty of room for action to other members: just as it protects its independence, it reinforces and safeguards that of others.

How to attract an Aquarius man

Attract a man of Aquarius may not be one of the easiest, but certainly one of the most satisfying, endeavors between one obstacle and another to overcome. In fact, he is a zodiacal representative who does not disdain COURTSHIP, mischievous play, and is very skilled in putting himself at the forefront of the conquest of the other. He does not like, however, the stimulus too trivial: for a first date, therefore, may not be indicated a classic dinner by candlelight, better to focus instead on something unusual and innovative. In addition, Aquarius also know how to be very passionate and do not disdain experimentation in the bedroom: it will not happen infrequently, therefore, that a first date turns into a night of fiery, but also original, PASSION. To woo an Aquarium, the first step is to prove to be complete and curious people. The representatives of the sign, in fact, do not stop at the physical aspect, but consider the whole person: from the gesture to the speech, passing through the intellect, the attention to dialogue and the spirit of adventure. They therefore love people who do not easily homologate themselves to the masses, because the sign is really attracted by diversity, as well as by the possibility of discovery.

In the same way, it will be necessary to avoid proving possessive, jealous and all too controlling: Aquarians see in freedom and independence their maximum value and, should they perceive that the partner is ready to build a cage around them, they will leave without remorse. It is no coincidence, especially in the initial stages of the relationship, that it will not happen infrequently that the meetings are well organized over time: seeing each other every day, or covering the partner daily with messages and phone calls, is in fact the fastest way to irreparably crack the new relationship. Once the relationship has solidified, and for the entire duration of the couple, the Aquarius will continue to preserve for itself and for others this great tension for freedom, showing itself to be loving towards the person chosen for life.

In the life of a couple, however, it will often be necessary to bring some new elements, whether it is an unexpected outing or a suddenly organized trip. Normally, Aquarius tends to establish excellent relations with the other signs of Air and with those of Fire: with Libra it could be a very romantic understanding, while with Aries it is possible to obtain a synchrony of intentions and symbiosis towards the future, even if some limits could occur in the erotic field. Contacts with Earth and Water are more difficult, but not impossible: the Virgin could make him crazy with her extreme rigidity, while Cancer does not understand the excessive emotional and the tendency to complain.

Interested aquarium man

The interested aquarium man is an old-fashioned gentleman. To attract the attention of the woman he is interested in, he will slowly pass through all the phases of the most classic and ancient courtship. He will begin with the phase in which he will begin long and interesting conversations on the most diverse topics. The aquarium man has the nature of a lecturer, he loves to listen to himself and is very well prepared on a large number of topics because, in order to keep his hypertrophic thinking at bay, he constantly informs himself about everything and has many interests. After having spoken with you on several occasions, the aquarium man will dare to try a more direct approach: he will invite you to have lunch/dinner with him outside.

In short, he will invite you to a real appointment, and the invitation will not be made by chance but it will take time before proposing it to you. Even during the appointment, he will not immediately attempt physical approaches because, on the one hand he has his “asocial” nature and on the other he has the thoughts and paranoia that continuously bombard him and do not leave him alone. After several trips together, with shyness and fear, the aquarium man will try a physical adolescent approach. For him it will already be so much to be able to give you a kiss as at the end of a school dance in American style. If you really like him, don’t disappoint him at this stage. For him, it’s a considerable effort to be able to show an interest in a person and get involved.