How to attract an aquarius woman | Traits of an Aquarius woman

how to attract an Aquarius womanHow to attract an Aquarius woman? Let’s be clear. If we had fallen in love with a woman aquarium there certainly will not sleep peacefully. This is for the simple reason that you cannot easily understand it so, consequently, even conquering it will become a problem. She lives her life in a contradictory and maybe even a bit confusing way. We must be very careful because the women of this sign could be distinguished from each other: on the one hand we can find a person shy, kind and patient and on the other we can find an exuberant person, sometimes even exhibitionist. In the event that we we feel in love we just have to follow these few tips in order to get to his sweetheart. How to attract an Aquarius woman? We will come across a real labyrinth.

Woman aquarium: character

The aquarium woman is a person who is not afraid. She loves to be in contact with culture and tries to find herself in a spiritual way in a man. He very often tends to hide his true ‘I’ and therefore hardly externalizes his feelings; we will have to learn to read it inside. When he finds himself in front of his own passion, he doesn’t look anyone in the face because he lets himself be carried away, in making decisions, however, he reflects and acts with rationality. We can therefore say that the aquarium woman is sure of her potential and above all what she wants. We try to leave him his spaces and not to obscure them, in fact, he believes in a free relationship without ‘restrictions’. All she asks her partner to do is to be his friend and at the same time to establish a good intimate understanding.

How to attract an Aquarius woman? useful tips

There are some methods you should consider. First we have to make sure that we support her way of seeing. By this I mean that we must support her open-mindedness. As we have seen, we know that the aquarium woman can have different faces: she can be an artist, exuberant and loves to stand out from the others. These details could be an advantage for us. As for LOVE, it must be lived to the fullest and it must be true; let’s avoid live it like a ‘film’ love story. All we have to do is surprise her, don’t show up agitated and let’s propose something to her outside her screens. Let’s hope we don’t have conformistic girls in front of us, otherwise we won’t have any hope. Let’s not stop all the time to congratulate with her. The women, born under the sign of the aquarium, are already sure of their beauty so they do not want to get confirmation from other people.

how to attract an Aquarius woman

Obviously, every now and then, we can address some compliments to them, but without exaggerating. Gradually we make sure to ‘touch’ his five senses, the aquarium woman adores him. For this reason, he loves to live continuously new emotions at any time of day. It will be appropriate to try to propose to him to go and see an exhibition of contemporary art: such as the blowing of glass, will enliven his sight. Or let’s book in a particular restaurant and let’s make him taste some food he’s never tried before: exotic foods always get to people’s hearts. Finally, a special concert of rock music to unleash its essence, we do not think to buy tickets for the opera. Making fun of her won’t be easy for this reason her freedom doesn’t compromise. In fact, she doesn’t like being in a cage, especially if we’re just getting to know each other. To talk about children so we will have to wait a while!

If we start talking about family, children or anything else right away, we will put pressure on them right away and consequently they will run away. That is why we must ensure that we are not too morbid in our relationship. Let’s try not to be surprised if one day he tells us something and immediately afterwards he contradicts it. We know that he loves to live his life as an adventure and full of novelty. This is something we will have to get used to if we had fallen in love with a woman aquarium. A person of the sign of the aquarium tends to be sociable and focuses on an unspecified goal. surely around her there will be no lack of friends because he loves to be in company so that he often tends to meet new people. So in case she goes out with other men, it will be normal. Until she finds her true love, she doesn’t expose herself too much. We must keep calm and not explode our jealousy: the aquarium woman does not like jealousy.

Have fun proposing challenges

This could be a double-edged sword: she is an excellent listener and ready to open the doors to new reasoning, but remember that the aquarium woman is a stubborn person: she hardly changes her mind. We don’t restrain her ambitions, but we try to support her in everything she does. In fact, she stands out from the others because she loves power and making a career. Most of the time women aquarium believe in equal rights and it is for this reason that we should avoid telling him that the man is superior to the woman. Let’s forget to force her to take care of the house because she loves to be a housewife. More than anything, she will focus on ideas or projects in order for them to reach the goal; if necessary, let’s give her our support. When he starts talking about his Ex¬†relationships¬†, we try to be serene even if we see them as adversaries. We trust her and her love , although she doesn’t tend to show it to us very often. Only when we become her best friends will she be able to accept a marriage request. And now we just have to follow these tips on how to attract an Aquarius woman!


The Aquarius woman constantly daydream about their future, how it will be, with whom it will be and what adventures it will bring with it. Past relationships may have ended badly, but they are convinced that every experience is useful for learning: in this specific case to learn how to make subsequent relationships more solid and lasting. To the detriment of appearances, they take sentimental relationships much seriously than you might think, and always consider them from a future perspective. However, they can sometimes seem cold and impassive. It is part of some of their weaknesses, but they are balanced with a lot strengths.