How to increase follower | Increase follower on instagram 2020

How to increase followerHow to increase follower? Let’s be clear. Increase Instagram followers by integrating Facebook into your strategy, is definitely the most obvious method you’ve ever heard, but it’s a great trick to get more followers on Instagram. You should know that more than 20% of Instagram users are also on Facebook. When you connect the two SOCIAL MEDIA  accounts together, your Facebook friends will immediately receive a notification and most likely start following you. Sharing Instagram photos on your Facebook profile will also increase the chances that your photos will be seen by your friends and shared (remember to always put the privacy of your photos). Sharing is a very powerful weapon: if your photos reach a larger number of people will you will get more chances to get more followers on Instagram.

Do you buy Instagram followers? Be ready to throw away your profile in a few months. Moreover, an Instagram account with a high percentage of engagement is more valuable than an account with thousands of followers but very few likes and comments. The followers purchased will never be active on your profile (even if the sellers assure you otherwise). In the past we done several tests and 100% of the test profiles on which we bought followers are now inactive, dead, irrecoverable! Take the growth of your channel as a marathon and not as a sprint: only then you can get real followers, loyal to your page and on target with what you propose.

How to increase follower? Copywriting 

Imagine someone visiting your Instagram profile for the first time. One of the very first things that will be asked is “why should I follow this profile? Yeah. Why should they follow you? That’s why it’s important to say who you are and what you do right away. To increase the chances of this person following you, you need be able to communicate something really distinctive. So try to be attractive, be creative and immediately convey who you are, what distinguishes you. There are 3 elements that characterize your Instagram bio:

Profile photo
The text of the bio
The link

The profile photo is the one with the most impact. Try to use a convincing photo, in theme with your Instagram account, as a logo of your company or a photo of you in the foreground. In the bio text you can write something about yourself. But avoid text blocks. Prefer a bullet point list where you can enter only keywords. Finally, the link. Always add a link to your biography, such as your Facebook page or website.

How to increase follower ? Some strategies 

To make your photo even more interesting and attention-grabbing, what you need is a caption, a caption, of impact. But how can you do it? A good advice for everyone is to make your caption as linear and “clean as possible”. So avoid inserting too many hashtags (and try to insert them only at the end) and prefer lists pointing to blocks of text.

How to increase follower

To increase the engagement of your photos, you can ask the followers to leave a comment with their opinion or experience, or even tag a friend among the comments: in this way your photo will reach even more people. Also remember to add a CTA, or Call to Action. This call to action is for inviting the followers to perform a specific action. An example is to visit the link you have inserted in your bio.

How to increase followers with hashtags

How to increase follower. A super effective way to get an avalanche of new followers is to get our photos into the Popular Page. But how we make this happen? Simple: through the incisive and appropriate use of hashtags. Let me explain it better. For each hashtag you look for on Instagram there is a page, divided into two sections: the most popular posts, i.e. 9 photos in evidence, and the most recent posts, then all the photos published with that hashtag but in chronological order.

Entering the Popular Page has a double advantage. On the one hand, you will get more visibility with your post, on the other hand the algorithm of Instagram will understand that the content you posted is a quality content. Our goal will be – of course – to finish among the 9 top posts of the highest possible number of hashtags. And here comes into play precisely the choice of the right hashtag.

How to choose hashtags to get into the top posts?

One answer is to use the most common hashtags. But using the most used hashtags, such as #love, #instagood or #photooftheday, you will then find yourself having to compete with thousands and thousands of photos to reach the top nine of the most popular. This translates into a very low chance of reaching the Popular Page for those hashtags, unless your profile counts millions and millions of followers. But in this case you probably wouldn’t be reading this post, right? 😀

How to increase followers and visibility through hashtags?

I’m about to reveal a strategy virtually unknown to most of the Instagram people. Hardly anyone knows that hashtags can be divided into 3 distinct groups: large, medium and small hashtags. This categorization is very important to grow your Instagram followers and you will find out why. As you probably know, for every single Instagram photo you can insert a maximum of 30 hashtags. The secret to choosing the right ones is to choose 10 small, 10 medium and 10 large hashtags.

What’s the difference between these 3 groups of hashtags?

It’s very simple:

Small hashtags are those that have a volume between 0 and 999,000 posts.
Average hashtags have a volume between 1 and 5 million posts. The big hashtags are instead those from 5 million posts upwards. The choice of hashtags depends mainly on the number of your followers. There is a formula that we recommend you always keep in mind to always choose the right hashtags:

Hashtag volume = [Number of followers X 100]

Let’s say you manage a profile that has 1,000 followers. Applying the formula mentioned, you will get (1,000 x 100) = 100,000. This means that the volume of small hashtags that you need to choose will get a volume of about 100,000 posts. This way you will be more likely to place your photo in popular posts, exponentially increasing your visibility and consequently likes, interactions and followers.

To effectively choose the right hashtags to use, the advice is to take a look at the hashtags of the profiles most similar to your or your competitors to get some ideas about the tags to use. Also try to always opt for single concepts (e.g. #sun or #vacation) instead of writing whole sentences (e.g. #no- one can stop us). One last tip about Instagram hashtags: in which language should they be written? The answer is quite simple: if the target audience is Italian, opt for hashtags in Italian. If you are targeting a wider audience, use English hashtags. Instagram allows you to insert up to 30 hashtags: don’t be afraid to use them all!