How to make money from photography

how to make money from photographyHow to make money from photography? In recent years, souvenir photos are a must: holidays, birthdays, weddings, parties, sports essays and much more are regularly immortalized by improvised photographers who, thanks to increasingly advanced tools, are able to get better and better photographs and that can also be sold and then giving him a way to earn with the photos. And in some cases congratulations are not long in coming, friends ask you to take pictures for them or maybe you aim to participate in a photo contest, so much so that the question sooner or later arises spontaneously: is it possible to earn with photos? The answer is definitely yes: there are several ways to sell photos and make a profit from your passion as a photographer.

How to sell your photos

amateur photographer

First of all, it is good for you to know that the definition of amateur photographer does not imply that you do not know how to take photographs, but simply that the photographer is not your main channel of profit. You probably have another job that in any case allows you to have enough time to devote yourself to your passion, that of photography. A passion that can still become a source of ancillary income, as long as you are aware that there are rules and limits to be respected (if you want to deepen I suggest you to read this article of mine: compensation as an amateur photographer). Many people don’t agree, but as far as I’m concerned I’m convinced that there are really many ways to earn money with photography, thanks also and above all to the use of the web.

Photographing objects to be put up for sale

still life photography

For example, if you love to take pictures of objects, furniture and accessories, you can find a very interesting use as a photographer of products for sale. What does this mean? It means that today more and more people and companies need to take pictures of their products, for online or paper catalogs, but also to sell individually handmade items through channels such as e-bay or social networks.

Fashion photography

Very fashionable, for example, is the presentation and sale of jewelry or crocheted creations or even decoupage and small crafts. While there are small artisans, often amateurs who make objects for sale, it is necessary that these items are presented through photos that are done well, but not necessarily made by professional photographers. It may seem a bit bizarre to you to “sell yourself” as a photographer, but it certainly represents a good start, especially if you consider the ever-increasing number of sales-purchase advertisements of this type that appears, more and more often, in these channels. By the way, to take photos in this field, you don’t need either a studio or spaces, since most of them are taken in the apartments of the person who makes the sales. At most, what you may need is a few accessories to improve the contrast between the object for sale and the context that surrounds it.

Photograph object

A classic case, once again, is that of objects: you can in fact choose to take a picture of a bracelet, an ornament or another small object in its original context or to isolate it, placing it on a cloth or illuminating it with a particular light so that they are highlighted at best the characteristics.

how to make money from photography

Photographing engines

And for those who, in addition to being passionate about photography is also a great admirer of engines, an interesting variant of the possibility already described is to devote himself mainly to photos for cars or motorcycles, always to be made for those who need to sell their vehicle.

Food photography

Finally, even for fans of photos and cooking there is the opportunity to earn with their menus and their shots. In this particular historical moment, in which sites and blogs of culinary information, recipes and menus seem to be the most popular, if you know how to make photos that highlight the beauty of a dish, sweet or savory, you have the opportunity to sell your photos very quickly and safely, once you find the right context.

Sell photos online

Another interesting possibility, always connected to the possibility of working with photos and the Internet, is to sell photos on the Internet, through stock photography. It is a channel in continuous growth as there are more and more sites to sell photos, both to enrich editorial articles or particular Internet pages, but also brochures, billboards and much more.

How to sell your photos

When you work in this area, you usually subscribe to certain specialized sites to sell photos online. The ways to join are different depending on the site: some, ask you to send test photos to understand the level and type of photos you want to sell. If your photos pass the evaluation test, then you can become their “official seller” exclusively or not. If you choose to sell certain photos only to a specific site, the rights you are granted at the time of sale are usually higher and can exceed 30% of the sale price.

In other cases, it is not necessary to carry out an examination of access, but just register and upload photos: the prices, of course, may vary depending on the type of photo, ie whether they are general photos, more easily requested on the net, but also more easily sold, or if they are special photos, specific to certain sectors. In this case, even if the sale can be more difficult, are guaranteed higher earnings. In addition, considering the increasing use of online photos, it is important to remember that the more you can vary subjects and styles of photos, the easier it is to sell photos. For this reason, it is important to upload only and especially quality photos, able to be selected in an increasingly competitive environment.

How to sell photos of events

When it comes to earning with photography, perhaps many people imagine themselves taking pictures during a wedding or party, a concert or a sporting event. If these roles are now carried out mainly by professional photographers, however, it is not certain that you cannot try, with the knowledge that the competition from professionals is not only very high, but also equipped with techniques and means high level. But if photography is a passion it is good that it remains so: if you love to take a certain type of photographs you are certainly encouraged to improve in that area, and can then try to earn something in such a way as to feel more satisfied. Of course, before you can access important events, such as a wedding, it’s a good idea to start from a lower level.

Documenting a birthday

For example, birthday photos, even those of 18 years, usually accompanied by very important celebrations. Birthday photos allow you to have a wide range of action, both for the locations, which can be both outdoors and indoors, both for subjects that can go from children to young people to adults. For each of these subjects will be possible, in addition to routine photos, near the cake or during the extinction of the candles, stealing moments of particular interest. Of course, it will be up to your skill as a photographer and also a little to the character of the guests, to be able to capture special moments, which will allow you to remember that particular party forever.

how to make money from photography