Reduce bills | how to save home energy

reduce bills , how to save home energyHome appliances consume a lot and, are many: almost in every room we use one. The king of energy eaters is the refrigerator, consume about 3.5% of all national electricity, more than that consumed for rail and urban transport. But after the fridge we use the washing machine every day, many families have a dishwasher, some still use the electric water heater, and so on. The first thing to do would be to replace old appliances as soon as possible with new appliances whose efficiency is proven, with low power consumption for the same performance: just compare the energy labels that must be well exposed, choosing in in any case, models of class A or higher (A +, A ++, A +++). there are also a series of measures to use the purchased appliances in an intelligent way.

Save energy in the kitchen

Of all the rooms the one that most impacts in the bill is the kitchen: not only a place of of food, but of energy too. Here, we cook every day, we use the refrigerator, the freezer, the microwave, the gas ecc. Without talking about the gas from the stove. For all this activity there are good and bad habits: good as for example, use the pressure cooker or degrease the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, open the refrigerator or keep it open for a long time, or use too much electric oven .

Save on the heating

The heaviest item in the bill is undoubtedly that for heating. All the energy consumed to heat a building, most it is dispersed. This is where action can be taken: by reducing the losses and using high-efficiency appliances, each family can save of heating costs, with considerable benefits for the family budget, as well as for the environment . Your home can become less wasteful thanks to better insulation, starting from the windows.

Save with solar panel

Solar panels are among the best ways to save money at home. In the face of an Read more