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instagram money makingCompanies are increasingly interested in so-called “micro-influencers” on Instagram, or those users with a BIG list of Followers. There is a profession, if we are ready to call it that, which is that of influencer on Instagram. Users with BIG list of followers can generate a profit close to thousand of dollars per single published photo. So let’s see how you can make money using Instagram. According to an estimate , Instagram can represent a $ 500 million industry for users. And by future these figures will rise further, exceeding 5 billion and almost 10 billion euros. These are huge numbers and opportunities. And companies are increasingly interested in this new form of social advertising. It is not only the so-called VIPs that attract big and small brands, but also those that are defined as “Micro-influencers”, or those Instagram users who have followers between 50,000 and 200,000. Indeed, often these are more sought after by companies and even better paid.


Companies and advertisers on Instagram prefer to contact people with less than a million followers because they know that those followers have a great deal of trust in the page or person they follow. Being able to create this relationship of trust with your followers is essential to be able to earn on Instagram. People are in fact used to seeing famous people who sponsor products and accessories. On the contrary, consumers tend to trust more of a product for sale if to suggest it is a page or a person they value and with whom they have an everyday interaction. With the web the new stars can be us, or our dog, or our puppet.

How much you earn on Instagram

The best Instagram profiles, or those with more interested and loyal followers, can earn a lot of money for a simple post. And they often have travel and accommodation paid around the world. Instagram Auto Income Read more