Judo training stronger and more agile fast

Judo trainingIf you are willing to undertake the practice of fighting Judo, know that what you are going to embrace is actually a complete discipline. Judo can be defined as complete, in fact, since it involves both the body, favoring its harmonious development, and the mind, giving it balance. This activity is in fact considered more a style of life than a sport, since it goes so far as to modify (as well as improve) all your lifestyle, towards the goal of a general psychophysical wellbeing. Everyone can practice Judo, and at any age, as long as you rely specialized guide. Being a really interesting discipline I decided that, in this simple and short (but at the same time useful and functional) guide, I will explain, step by step, how to move to the best the first steps to approach this fascinating discipline. So let’s get to work!

Start the Judo

The first thing to know is that judo can be practiced at any age, even without special physical skills. Before starting any kind of sport (not just Judo, but physical activity in general), it is best to check to see if your body is suitable for practicing this activity. Judo is not only a sport, is a way of life, which teaches respect for oneself and others. The fights are carried out according to the principle of reciprocity of bodies and techniques, and not on the overwhelming of a fighter on the other opponent. Always remember that Judo is a very complex art to learn, due to the extreme variety of the techniques of which it is composed. Since there are more than fifty different style, and it would take time to learn all of them in a complete way.

With our step by step guide you will learn the main areas in which they are divided, in order to orient yourself on one in particular, suitable for your physical and personal characteristics. At the beginning you will start with two or three techniques. When you finally begin to master discretely the initial techniques (which are usually called “waza”), you can proceed to choose others, even if you continue to practice the first. Do not be in a hurry to learn everything immediately, because Judo is a sport that requires a lot of patience and constancy to achieve good results. With the study, the tenacity and perseverance you will see that this activity will become an integral part of your lifestyle, changing it for the better.

Judo Clothing

the clothing consists of very large and sturdy cotton pants and a cotton jacket, without buttons or long sleeved metal parts with lapels to cross and tie with the belt. The jacket is tightened at the waist by a belt, called obi, tied in a particular way that can be of different color depending on the degree of the athlete. The colors of the belt are: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black, white and red. In official competitions, socks can not be worn or garments Read more