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Keyword Research Software When you think of keyword research software, think of the “niche site “. A guy I was following online, had set a goal, to create a niche site focused on a keyword and monetize it. Those who wanted could challenge it with their site.

The procedure was this

Use our powerful Keyword research software to find the best keyword with good search volume, low competition and good monetization possibilities. Create a mini site with a limited number of articles optimized for that keyword, use more or less shady techniques to position the site at the top of search engine results for the chosen keyword, monetize through Adsense or affiliations. Hosts of web marketers have assembled entire “stables” of mini niche sites. Each site earned a few hundred dollars a month or so. But the maintenance work was almost nil, so you could add passive income from many sites and make good money.

Stop there!

Do not go to Google to look for how to create a niche site. Now it does not work anymore. You can not hope to repeat the successes of a few years ago. Google today rewards sites useful for readers. A minisite with a handful of pages is not the definition of utility. However, this does not mean that the niche is not important. Choosing a specific sector for your site will make it easier to place it: both on search engines and in the eyes of your readers and customers. And how do you find the niche online? We start again from the search for keywords.

In this guide I will explain how to search for keywords to position your site or the individual content you publish. Be careful: many of the things that were worth up to a few years ago have now ended up in the trash. The recent evolution of search engines and tools available require a different approach. So this guide , will be useful even if you had already read something on the subject in the past Read more

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