Learn belly dancing | belly dancing lessons

learn belly dancing | belly dancing lessonsThe belly dance is born of a series of fertility rituals, recalls the concepts of Earth, Mother Earth, and of Woman and the idea that transmits is to want to celebrate the feminine ability to create. Today, many people, associate it with folklore shows, “cruise” or holiday village, but this is not at all its purpose. Originally, in fact, The belly dance was not aimed at men but remained a ritual among women, a women’s dance for women. Together with this ritual, they celebrated fertility in the ancient matriarchal societies of Mesopotamia. It is not sensuality, what therefore wants to transmit, but femininity-Fertility. Having clarified the context and the origin of the belly dance, we can return to the present and discover the numerous benefits for the female body and mind that it entails.

It is able to make a notable improvement of the blood circulation and also of the intestinal transit, it takes care of the menstrual pains and those of the vertebral column, both at the lumbar and cervical level. Belly dance hides benefits even at the psychological level. Many recommend it to women who have accumulated tensions, or to those who need to have greater awareness of their bodies. Even those who are at peace with their own self can devote themselves to belly dancing to improve their balance and experience a sense of rebirth and rediscovery of their femininity.

Belly dance techniques

Belly dance techniques are designed so that the belly and the hips are stimulated. They often involve circular movements of the pelvis, the oscillation of the abdomen and the torsion of the trunk. Just those “moves” relax the internal organs but also improve circulation and strengthen the back muscles. This is why belly dance techniques are often recommended for people suffering from low Back pain, scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. They are also excellent for those who want to lose a bit ‘of volume on the Hips or streamline on the Legs.

Even those who wait for a child can use the techniques of belly dancing, slow, flowing and with circular movements, to loosen muscles and relax, especially in the pelvis. Even post-partum these movements can help the new mother to stay in touch with her body and regain, if lost, a general psychophysical harmony. The presence of music, is an essential element. And offers benefits very similar to those of music therapy. The relaxing rhythms of oriental music provoke in those who practice this dance, positive feelings: serenity, joy, a sense of self-confidence Read more

learn belly dancing | belly dancing lessons