Learn Singing Online Get Rid of Your Vocal ‘Break’

learn singing onlineThe more we know our body, the more we can understand how to apply the technique. The study of technique is important and fundamental. My path of musical studies starts very early with the study of the piano. A study that has accompanied me up for many years Regarding the song, it was born by chance … I felt the need to communicate my emotions with my voice and a magic was born within me. Which is difficult to explain, almost as if it were a love. You do not know why it happens , you can only get wrapped up in the sensations you perceive at that moment. It all started many years ago. I decided to study and deepen my passion in a serious way. I was inside with all of myself and I had to cultivate my strong passion. For my first singing lessons I moved away from my city. I remember with great tenderness that if there was something I hated were just the famous vocalizations, between one lesson and the other I thought: who knows when I will start to do all .

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I soon realized that the path was long and that you had to do it seriously. That singing is a discipline and if you want to achieve certain results you have to train. And it’s not like you get up one morning and sing very good , because I study singing and anyway you have potential … eh no, too easy! So I continued my studies and as it proceeded, it still gave me a lot of satisfaction, I had the opportunity to question myself with contests, events, compare with different musical realities, with other singers, all that led me to perform he conquered me, fascinated me … overwhelmed me Read more

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