Muscle mass exercises how to increase muscle mass

Muscle mass exercisesTraining, Nutrition, Rest and Recovery. These are the four factors that must be taken into account to increase their muscle mass. You train, eat, sleep, recover and grow. This  is simple. Training intensity, serial number and repetitions. Take for example heavy duty and we report a feature of this technique: Some people argues that a natural athlete must concentrate on protracted monoseries until total muscle exhaustion. Only in this way can an increase in muscle mass.The difference that distinguishes a champion from a loser is the ability to overcome the fatigue of the last repetitions, to go further, this is one of the secrets to increase their muscle mass. What is the common physiological principle that makes both theories valid? To increase your muscle mass, the training becomes effective only if the number of motor units is consistent. It matters little the number of repetitions or of completed series, the important thing is to reach muscle exhaustion. At this point the only important parameter becomes the athlete’s experience and determination.

Nutrition and Integration

To ensure muscle mass gainer you need to provide the muscles with all the nutrients they need to grow. Foods are made, from macro and micronutrients. The first category includes carbohydrates, fats and proteins, while the second includes minerals and vitamins to which we add water for completeness. There is no magic food. No food by itself is able to provide all the nutrients in the right proportions, so one of the first tips  is to follow a varied diet. The second point concerns the concept of “equilibrium”, the capacity, to assume all the nutrients in the right proportions. How many grams of protein per kg do you need per day? 1g, 1.5g, 2g, 2.5g ?! The answer? depends! And what does it depend on? From the type of training, from the percentage of fat mass, from the body’s ability to absorb them, from recovery, from hormone balance, from the type of proteins taken, from lifestyle, from the form of intake, from the presence in the meal of other foods that favor its absorption and so on Read more